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As I flew in from my flight tonight, my sole concern was making it home safely to my family and life here in Los Angeles. But as soon as the wheels touched the runway, and I turned my Blackberry on, all selfish worries dissipated as I was barraged with messages notifying me about the plane crash in Georgia.

Adam has always been a good friend of The Hundreds. He graciously helped Ben and I back when we started this company, welcoming us into his home for an early Chronicle (back when he barely knew us), inviting us to party alongside his set at a New York club (although we were [still are] nobodies), rocking our gear as he DJ’d around the world (when he had boxes of cooler gear sent to him on the daily), and even contributing to some early TH promotional shots (pure benevolence, I’m presuming).

On the same accord, we have never known Travis and Chris too familiarly, although Travis and I grew up in the same scene in the same hometown. But as many are aware, our circles overlap, as we share mutual space in youth culture, friends, and associations, especially here in L.A.

There is not much to say, but we did feel as if we should express our sorrow, and pay our condolences to both Travis and Adam and their loved ones as they endure this horrific turn of events. As stunned as I was to hear about this tragedy, I knew that both Adam and Travis had to have survived, considering the types of people they are, both fighters, who have surmounted so many obstacles in their lives to get to where they’re at today. So, once more, they shall overcome.

And to Lil Chris and the rest of the fallen, may angels lead you in.

on behalf of the hundreds, bobby

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