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Our lead Graphic Designer, Benjie, and I have been having this back-and-forth tussle over the greatest Weezer album. It’s become so convoluted to the point where I don’t even know what we’re arguing about anymore. Regardless, I’m sticking with Pinkerton over the Blue Album. I mean, sure, everyone loved the Blue Album, their debut. There were like 9 radio singles off the 10-track playlist. That one’s too easy, who doesn’t love the Sweater song or “Jonas?”

But Pinkerton…!Pinkerton was Weezer’s second album, shrouded in darker tones that were borderline emo, and a little too out there according to many critics. They lost a lot of their fanbase because of it, in fact Pinkerton was considered an outright commercial failure. But to most Weezer diehards, they recognize it as some of Weezer’s most resonant, profound musical work and it’s become a cult favorite. It’s like the Office Space of rock albums.

Weezer’s having this awesome tour right now where they’re playing 2 nights, the first night dedicated to the Blue Album, the second to Pinkerton, with their greatest hits sprinkled throughout both shows. Weezer’s bassist, Scott, is a The Hundreds supporter, and was kind enough to hook it up for the Blue Album night here in LA. The band engaged by counting backward through their years of hit singles, Hurley, Raditude, Red Album, Make Believe, Maladroit, Green Album, Pinkerton… Then an anxious intermission, followed by a return to stage for the entirety of the Blue Album.

The last time I shot Weezer was almost a decade ago in Japan. The guys are in their 40s now (not that you can tell), but aside from that, not much has changed. Somehow they’ve maintained their original fanbase while attracting an entire new generation of Weezys (or whatever they’re called).

As you may or may not know, the newest album is entitled Hurley, based on Jorge Garcia’s “Lost” character. And so, who cameo’d for a round of guest vocals? Hurley, of course.

I had to dust my lens filter for Rivers’ fingerprints afterwards.

Ok what else.. My favorite Weezer song of all time is a 3-way tie between Jamie (off DGC Rarities Vol. 1), Susanne (for the Kevin Smith/Mallrats/Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back connection), and Mykel & Carli.

Mykel & Carli was written for Weezer’s 2 biggest fans of all time, the Allan sisters, back in the band’s early days. The girls even founded the Weezer Fan Club. A couple years later, after attending a Weezer show in Colorado, the girls tragically died in a car crash. The band eventually took a 3-year hiatus, dedicating the Green Album to them, and the untimely deaths have rippled throughout much of the music landscape with both Black Market Flowers and Jimmy Eat World later writing songs about the loss.

This footage is from 1997’s Mykel & Carli tribute/benefit show in Hollywood, only a month after the girls’ passing. Rivers sings the song solo, with Mykel and Carli’s parents watching offstage, and it was actually the last time the band has ever played that song.

by bobbyhundreds

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