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Back to The Hundreds New York, 96 Grand Street.

When the store first opened, I pointed out the secret spot in the wall mirror, where the “ghosts” of upcoming pieces are embedded. Got a ton of email and messages from readers who couldn’t see it… so here’s another shot.

Can you see it? Stop by THNY to see for yourself. It’s the only place in the world where we physically sneak-leak future projects:

That’s Andrew on the left. He’s 18, our intern at The Hundreds New York, and an aspiring filmmaker. Chun is on the right. He was one of our early interns and eventual designers at The Hundreds. These days, he’s a motion graphics guy based in New York.

Basically, Chun is Andrew from the future.

Believe it or not, Future Andrew, Chun, has a girlfriend. And quite believably, she’s cooler than him. She even has her own cool jewelry line called Armor.


And per usual, photographs of New York City and all its life:

The DC offices.. this is the Superman floor. There’s also a Batman floor. It’s 3 miles underground and in a cave with bats flying around everywhere.

The New York pasttime.

Photographers are spoiled in this city. It’s a rotating sea of canvases out here, everywhere you turn another work of art coming together:

Heath’s ledger.

I Love NY.

by bobbyhundreds

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