By Bobby Hundreds

April 13, 2011

For the most part, I don’t really understand Tumblr. Actually, that’s not true. I do understand Tumblr, I just don’t think highly of it. You know what, I take that back. Maybe I just don’t appreciate how most people use their Tumblr.

Tumblr, if you’re unaware, is a blogging platform through which you can easily re-blog, comment, and essentially steal and repeat other people’s entries. By virtue, everyone’s Tumblr blog ends up looking the same, with the same content. It’s a congregation of lazy bloggers who are looking to be perpetually visually stimulated, droning through their days with a barrage of eye candy: arthouse nudie pics, exotic architecture, nature shots, motivational quotes.

I do get the appeal. You can shape your entire identity by curating your taste through other people’s work. It’s like an old-school Myspace page where you rattle off your interests: favorite books, movies, TV shows.. except you actually show them. Who wants to read what someone’s about when you can scroll through animated gifs of it?

My issue is that Tumblr is top-heavy on the curation and weak on the creation. Instead of just re-hashing and cloning what someone else is doing, why not make something yourself? What is the point of all this inspiration if you’re not doing anything with it? At that point, it’s just porn and you’re just playing with yourself.

Now, all that being said, we have finally launched our own official Tumblr for The Hundreds, which is now listed at: It is an archive of current and past original work under The Hundreds, whether it’s graphics from t-shirts, marketing materials, photo shoots, blog images, and any other visual artifacts that make up The Hundreds’ history as a brand and lifestyle. A lot of that stuff, also, has never been publicly posted before, so enjoy.

I’ve also re-ignited my own personal Tumblr page at, which is distinct from The Hundreds’ Tumblr because it’s a showcase of my past and present work that is outside the brand. Like musings, notebook sketches, paintings, old photographs from the past decades, etc. Everything you see, unless otherwise noted, is made by my hand, including the handwriting (a lost art, and everyone’s oft-overlooked personal trademark).

Ben also has his personal Tumblr page as well at, which he’s been surprisingly good at updating. You’d think it’d just be phone pics of half-eaten sandwiches, but there’s some good stuff in there for the The Hundreds heads who wonder what life’s like through the eyes of the furry rounder one.

So, there you go. The Hundreds on Tumblr. Reblog that.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds