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I remember the first time we met Marlon. It was at our second MAGIC tradeshow and he was a beast. That’s often how you hear friends refer to him.. “Marlon? Aw man, Marlon’s a beast!” He was still modeling back then, but even with that, he was an animal. Always focused, charging, determined beyond anyone’s comprehension. A few years ago, the Brooklyn-bred Russian hustler started his own brand, Sneaktip. It’s a more notoriously sneaker-oriented brand, stocked in a bit wider of a distribution chain than let’s say, our line. But he kill$ it. There are many ways to do this business, the apparel business. I wouldn’t say there’s necessarily any one right answer. What’s more important to you, the immediacy of money? The prestige? Brand integrity? The investment in a hopeful big payout? Everyone plays the game their own way, some succeed, some falter. Marlon’s definitely carved out his path.


What initially began as a 1-man operation has multiplied into a thriving business. Marlon just got back from touring through Asia for the past 6 weeks, Vietnam, Singapore, up and down China, all by himself. Linking up with factories, the whole nine. This morning, right back on a flight to New York. Always on that grind.



We wrap up the game downstairs. See you in New York, Bron?


Outside, Marlon’s bbq’ing up a storm with some authentic Armenian meats in marinade. I meet Ryan, one of the founders of Meister watches. It’s a smart idea, I like what these guys are doing. Basically, a more affordable dope watch that won’t hurt your wallet like a Hublot, but also isn’t so skate/surf-pigeonholed as a Nixon or Vestal. It’s always cool to see young independents breaking in on something a little bit more different than a t-shirt brand.



by bobbyhundreds

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