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How did this happen?

Rewind 3 months back, when we were here in the same spot (San Francisco’s SOM Bar) celebrating The Hundreds SF’s 3 year anniversary. Kreayshawn and V-Nasty were riding with us that night, and I forced ’em onstage to give the crowd an impromptu live performance. The bar-goers weren’t having it, the DJ wasn’t having it, but we pushed for it. The girls got to do one song, about 20 people got a kick out of that. And just like that, it was all a dream.

Meanwhile… Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” hit Youtube 2 weeks ago.

A week after that, this past Friday night to be exact, we put on this show for WHITE GIRL MOB featuring Kreayshawn, V-Nasty, and Lil Debbie.

The tickets were beyond sold-out by gametime. And during the show, there were more people outside the venue — ticketless, but not without hope of getting a mere glance at these crazy white Bay Area rap girls — than inside the sweatbox. I’ve been to plenty of concerts and shows in my day. I’ve seen local, homegrown acts go from playing backyard birthday parties to center-stage at summertime festivals. But I’ve never seen a star born like this – a supernova – let alone expedited in the fashion that Kreayshawn and co. have been fast embraced by their audience. Girls like this like girls like this. It was time for an anti-Gaga, a female emcee that spilled her guts with equal-parts weirdness, snide Emineminence, and an unfiltered opinion.

The show was unapologetic chaos. The stage barely contained the trio and nearly buckled under the weight of the surging crowd: hipsters, hip-hoppers, lesbians, teenyboppers, skaters, streetwear kids, – it was an even cross-section of the Twitter generation. And when the microphones blew out, the speakers crackled, and the DJ fumbled, you didn’t know the difference, because the fans were so obnoxiously vehement in their participation. 4 songs in, it was impossible to tell who was actually in the WHITE GIRL MOB and who wasn’t. They didn’t know the words outside of a “Bumpin'” or “Gucci” but they mouthed along anyways, filling the gaps with phone-camera flashes and rebel yells. They wanted this so bad. They’ve been wanting this.

“Was it a good show?” is what everyone back home wondered. “Does it matter?” is what I responded.

By Sunday morning, the rumors started spilling in from all sides. After negotiations over the past half-month with every major label under the sun, Kreayshawn had signed a rather unprecedented, hefty, record deal. And just like that, it was all a dream.

by bobbyhundreds

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