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So we did this really awesome collaboration with Nerf, bringing back the Turbo Football we all grew up with and loved. And we figured, hey, what better way to cap off this project than to corral all of our friends in the Los Angeles and New York Streetwear communities, and have squads of grown men toss around a spongy kid’s toy for a day of flag football? The Hundreds New York‘s Turbo Football tournament was held last weekend with Thrillist coming out on top. Saturday afternoon we held The Hundreds Los Angeles‘ Turbo Football tournament here at Pan Pacific Park. Since the temperature was in the triple digits, we also decided it’d be a great idea to play on a gigantic dirt lot.

Of course in true The Hundreds fashion, we lost our own tournament (Something about an interception being the turning point? What did you say about Coop? I didn’t say that. You said that). Huf and Flight Club LA tied for first place. We grilled tacos and quesadillas for everybody. Vitamin Water provided refreshments, Nerf came through with the grand prizes. And Bonnie.

This was the first, definitely not the last. More tournaments to come for our circle of brands – my vote is for Royal Rumble wrestling.

Thank you to all the brands who participated and everyone else who came out to support…

First, the tied winners, HUF…

…and Flight Club LA:

Hall of Fame:


Crooks & Castles:


and the Bad News Bears of flag football, The Hundreds:

photography by Jared Kocka
videography by Zachary Marshall
by bobbyhundreds

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