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By Bobby Hundreds

Been swamped down at The Hundreds Homebase these last few weeks as we wind down 2013 and ramp up 2014 and even ’15.  I personally spent last week working on new t-shirt graphics for the Fall ’14 collection as well as a fresh logo set.  This week has been all about our new website and content game that will break soon.  This isn’t just a re-design, it’s an entirely new concept, philosophy, and direction for The Hundreds media, taking it back to what this company was formulated around : storytelling through product and online content.  So, be excited for that… We’ve got a new bag of tricks to unload… worldwide.

While I’m in town, I get to see my friends more often.  Misa Campo just left my office, you may remember her from our The Hundreds X CLOT lookbook. You might also recognize her for being SUPER HOT.


Chino Moreno and Sergio Vega roll through, on the eve of Chino’s big move to Oregon.  Sergio was tight-lipped about the possibility of a new Quicksand record.  As you know, he now plays with Chino and the Deftones as they just wrapped up their recent tour.  These are two individuals who highly influenced and shaped so much of my young life. But real talk, considering I still listen to their music every day, they continue to impact what I do on a daily basis.


British journalist Phoebe Lovatt is now in The Hundreds family.  Speaking of the new website…

Be prepared to read, see, and hear much more of Phoebe in the future. Right here on the new


by bobbyhundreds