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I look at Caila, his daughter, who’s not so much the little girl I remember anymore. She’s in college now but still with that big, bright smile that’s reminiscent of her dad’s youthful presence and her mom’s infectious energy. “Hey Jae,” I ask, “What’s the secret to raising good kids?”

Without hesitation, he replies, “Consistency. Don’t be afraid to discipline them. They will always love you. But be consistent in all that you do.”

I let that lesson sink in as we sit in his living room. Well, he’s more reclining in his loveseat. I’m more sprawled out on the carpet, looking around this house of memories and worn-in furniture; and although Steph stopped cooking to spare Jae the agony of not being able to eat her food, you can still hear the clatter of the kitchen and the chiming of silverware behind us, you can yet feel the love and warmth of a lively household in the air.

I look at Stephanie, his beautiful wife, the woman who’s been this man’s backbone and cheerleader and manager and best friend. “And what about marriage, Jae? What’s the secret to a long and successful marriage?”

“Same thing. Consistency.”


Jae Bueno, the photographer, the supporter, the friend, passed early this morning surrounded by his close friends and family. We lost a truly great guy today, and you will see that in the outpouring of grief and condolences across social media platforms, on the faces of those within his community, and you will most feel it in the absence of his contributions to this world and culture. Jae, thank you for everything. For the man who approached everyone with a “Hey, Friend,” you were the best friend of all.


Jae Bueno. ‘Til infinity!


We will still be hosting Jae’s photography show tonight at our gallery on Rosewood. The Bueno family will also be in attendance to honor he and his work. Please come out to support and remember a remarkable life.

The Hundreds x Jae Bueno Benefit Show - Web Flyer-01


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