FULL 360.

FULL 360.

By Bobby Hundreds

March 15, 2009

That Diamond x The Hundreds collab tee we made (if you were lucky enough to get one)harkened back to the Good Ol’ Days, reminiscent of Rosewood life circa 2005. And today, it kinda felt like that. For a moment, anyways…

Blackberry storm: Ben Hundreds, Controversy Chris, The Alex Formerly Known As Super Intern, Iron Mike on the nose manual.

Nick Diamond drove by. As did Crooks. Dagan. Caught a Vlad cameo. Joey Suriel.

Speakin’ of back in the days, Chad Shoes is in L.A. His double birdies never die.

Son and Lee are from South Korea. Hardcore hankook TH fanatics. They call Son “Sondreds” out in the Motherland.

Intern shadowboxing is the new fixed-gear.

Traffic on Rosewood.



by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds