By Bobby Hundreds

March 06, 2007

Just to refresh your memory, the Photo Booth is our in-store camera over at the shop. It’s your way of being at The Hundreds without actually having to be there. 20 years ago, they would have called that *magic* or *sorcery*. Foolish foolish hippies.

Also, The Feed is your one-stop news blog for all the relevant street/wear/culture news that’s fit to print. Our man Switch handpicks all the information that’s posted, by scouring blogs, print magazines, messageboards, and our friends’ submissions, to bring you our own Hundredsized news. As you may have noticed, it’s a bit different from what you normally see out there. Not so heavy on the sneakerdom, but doubled-up on the apparel side of things. None of the random pop-culture tidbits, party flyers, or wasing your time with wackness. Unless you’re into wasting your time. Which, if you are, then I’ve found the perfect web site for you.

I know some of you were having problems viewing/scrolling The Feed and Photo Booth, but I think we got the kinks hammered out. Or we’re out of kinky hammers. It’s one or the other.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds