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Ever since Ray (Mighty Healthy) introduced me to Cafe Habana in New York, there’s hardly a visit to the Empire State where I haven’t stopped by to partake in the delectable Latin fare. So imagine how stoked I am now that there’s a Habana somewhat close to L.A., up in Malibu actually. I had lunch there the other day with Holly and some of the crew, including Natalia and Angel who I simultaneously caught with cartoonishly delirious expressions. Habana, where the food is so good that your face explodes into pixels.

The corn is easily the best part. Lathered in cheese and spices, and a sprinkle of lime juice and magic and crack and puppy dog tails.

Then we decided to play a round of Eat the Habanero Peppers. I still can’t feel my face.

And fast forward to this morning, here in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m a dim sum aficionado, I’ve had the best that San Francisco, Hong Kong, and London have to offer. And this spot Hei La Moon in Beantown is right on par. That’s Matt (Reebok) and Donny (Complex). They can back me up on this one.

I don’t know any of the actual names of dim sum dishes, for example, I call the fat shrimp noodles the “Chinese enchiladas.” And these in the photo are some of my top picks, the “sticky balls” and “gooey footballs.” These were some of the biggest balls I’ve ever seen and you can read into that however you want.

Not too far away from Chinatown in Boston is Newbury Street and that’s where Johnny Cupcakes is located.

You know how it goes, there aren’t any actual cupcakes for sale, but just cool limited-edition t-shirts and other Johnny Cupcakes novelty items.

I’m getting hungry.

by bobbyhundreds

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