By Bobby Hundreds

February 08, 2013

Fall Out Boy performed last night at the Roxy, in what I guess was a long-anticipated reunion-type show? It’s been a while since I’ve attended a pop/punk show, not exactly what I’m used to, but it was great. Pete (far right) has become one of my closest friends in L.A. over the years, in a city of a million acquaintances – and I have much respect for he and his band. We both grew up in the hardcore scene, but took completely different routes to get where we are today, with contrasting audiences and creations, yet we still have a ton to learn from each other for our own respective work. Anyways, long story short, Fall Out Boy.

And just to keep you Streetwear kids interested, their new video stars 2 Chainz (did I win back any street cred?):


Bobby Hundreds