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The great thing about running a daily brand blog for almost 6 years is that you accumulate quite a library of photographs. Terrabytes and terrabytes of imagery, documenting the entire process and life of the brand, friends, lifestyle, memories that we’d like to keep, and plenty I’m sure we’d like to forget.

It’s Flashback Friday!!, I guess. I just made it up. I don’t know how regularly I’m gonna do these, but I think it’s important for you to see and understand our past to appreciate The Hundreds today. Like this shot.. this was our upstairs office on Rosewood Ave. when it was really just Ben and I on the grind. He scouring invoices, and me sketching out ideas. Internally, the company’s come a long way since then, but I believe the spirit is still the same.

This is our Kirby shirt. I really liked this piece, but from what I remember, it didn’t sell so well. The interesting thing about this tee graphic is that I conceptualized it as a response to what was going on in popular streetwear of the time. Back then, earth-tones and backpack hip-hop technical wear were a big deal.. a bright, colorful graphic like this, based on Jack Kirby’s comic-book-style energy dots, was not necessarily the most strategic move. Especially considering it was designed as a front-crest hit / back oversized graphic, as an homage to 80s-style surf t-shirts. But whatever, it fit us, and eventually the market caught on.

I think we were in Berlin, Germany here. Maybe 3 years ago? Correct me if I’m wrong, guys? That’s Fats, Steven Vogel (Black Lodges), Ben, and Jeff Ng (Staple). Looks like I had penne pasta, and spared the olives, as usual.

Years ago on BOND‘s front porch with the London crew.

Back before the store existed, but Rosewood was definitely alive. Baron Davis, Galia, Gomez Warren IV, and D Mack. Those 2 shirts were part of our L.A. Restaurant Series that particular season… Randy’s and Pink’s. Why is Gomez wearing an Abercrombie sweatshirt? Strange.

This is the first photo of Tony (ynoT?) I ever shot, working on his bike with Scotty iLL in the very spot where the bench exists now in front of THLA. Before this, he had a much cooler, street-credible life.

Here’s Aly busting a frontside at Mei Foo skatepark in Hong Kong. I don’t know why I included this, it was just a really fun day.

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