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Here’s the remainder of our Capsule Trade Show coverage, and I saved the best for last. This is Lorne. His brother Brandon founded a denim brand called Naked & Famous not more than a year and a half ago. It’s been one of my favorite denim lines to watch over the past several seasons, primarily because of the quality of their raw Japanese selvedge and somehow affordable price points.


I kept telling these guys that they needed their own reality show. They were both characters, Canadians, family’s been in the shmata business forever. So they know how to procure the finest materials, produce them at the lowest minimums, and the cheapest cost for you, the customer.


The thing with Naked & Famous is that all their denim’s made in Canada from Japanese fabrics, and ALL of the jeans are raw. Why won’t they ever introduce a washed pair? “Would you want to buy a brand new Ferrari but the leather interior’s all weathered and worn in and the seat looks and feels like someone’s been sitting in it forever?” Loren demanded. I didn’t really have an answer for that one.


So because all the denim they make is raw, they get creative with different offerings. This pair is so raw that you can still see the cotton seeds in the grain.


And what about this one? The heaviest pair of denim ever created. It almost broke the machines just to sew the seams. Comes in at a belt-buckling 24 oz.


Naked & Famous also features a selection of button-up woven shirts. Loren chimes in over my shoulder, “…Made in the oldest shirt factory in America!”


Naked & Famous is all about poking fun at celebrity culture, and the Warholian mentality of teasing the very people who buy into it. To learn more about Naked & Famous denim, check their website. Tell ’em The Hundreds sent you.


by bobbyhundreds

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