By Bobby Hundreds

January 15, 2009

I’m in Taiwan. And right off the plane, had to head over to DTF aka Din Tai Fung, the o.g. dumpling spot in Taipei.

True, there’s a DTF outside of L.A., but it’s just not the same as actually eating it in Taiwan. There were a lot of white people at this particular location tonight, mmhmm kiiinda touristy, but everything still had the same great taste. Steamed dumplings stuffed with meat, shrimp, vegetables, or any combination of the 3.

I call these guys saggy bottoms because they pack that junk in the trunk. See how the hips sway in the nether regions? Each sack is filled with a light soupy broth, so you get to eat and drink with the same bite.

For the aforementioned white people, they give you an instruction manual on how to consume and enjoy DTF’s signature dumplings. The best part is the recommended ratio of soy sauce to vinegar.

Look like miniature nuclear power plants.

Some of the best dishes at Din Tai Fung aren’t even dumplings. I generally don’t like fried rice.. at most chinese restaurants in the States, fried rice is made of the stale leftover rice from the day before. But THIS fried rice was on another level. The hot-and-sour soup is also bonkers. Next time you’re just driving by Taipei, Taiwan, make sure you get down with the DTFeezy.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds