By Bobby Hundreds

April 12, 2007

If I had to list off my favorite websites in the whole wide world wide web, they’d probably be Paul “The Animal” Chan’s SGV and this site. Animal’s site just happens to be best when it’s freshly updated (once every blue moon), and apparently, it’s that time of the year. Along with an interview with the anti-coolguy niceguy Karl Watson and photos of all our friends getting twisted, there’s a fun lil’ piece called “What’s On Your Desk?” that documents what’s literally deskside at the studios of Aly, Greg Carroll, JP, Fast Eddie, and myself.


In an industry that nurtures itself on seriousness and cool points, it’s nice to keep things in perspective with pieces like this, that serve as a reminder that we’re all just a bunch of lost boys that never grew up. For example, JP’s desk is filled with tech decks, cough drops, glue, more glue, and a kangaroo pen. And nothing screams “MAN” like a pen that’s shaped like a punching kangaroo.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds