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A while back, I got an interesting email to the website. A girl linked us to an eBay auction, in which the Seller had bought, and was subsequently peddling, a “” domain name for a ridiculous amount of cash. But theinteresting part was the description, in which the eBay seller stipulated that if Ben or I were watching the auction, he would hand the website domain over for FREE to us in exchange for a quick interview.

Next thing you know, the seller (aka Chris) was flying out from Winnipeg, Canada for a day to Q&A our brains out. I didn’t have a moment to catch up with Chris until later tonight where we met up on Sawtelle for some ‘berry. Fire away.

Chris came prepared, and in fact, asked some of the most meaningful and insightful questions I’ve been asked to date. It’s refreshing to dialogue with someone who’s got a young appreciation and wonderment for streetwear. Sometimes I lose sight of my own passion for true street culture, and the very things that inspired me to involve myself and invest into this world. It’s people like Chris, and his hungry infatuation, who help me to regain that perspective, amidst all the bloody politics and business miasma.. the distractions that cloud that ambitious curiosity and pure creativity which built the house of The Hundreds.

So we got our domain name. And Chris got his interview. Good job, buddy, the blackmail worked. The rest of you, don’t get any funny ideas.

by bobbyhundreds

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