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The Hundreds proudly presents the The Hundreds x Bun B collaboration t-shirt.

There are only 150 t-shirts for sale, exclusively at PREMIUM GOODS in Houston, Texas starting THIS SATURDAY MORNING, December 27, 2008.

And who better to paint the picture on what this shirt is all about, then Bun himself.. Introducing guest blogger Mr. B:


“Hello out there! This is Bun B transmitting live from Houston. I know we have the exclusive release of the Bun B x The Hundreds tee shirt this Saturday only at Premium Goods in Houston, so for those who choose tocome to town, I thought I’d show a few of the local landmarks here…

First up is the inspiration for the tee, the Astrodome, former home of the Oilers and the Astros.”

“Next Stop. Here I am at Screwed Up Records and Tapes, where DJ Screw held shop. For those who don’t know, DJ Screw is a Houston HipHop legend. He helped to revolutionize the scene and expand it across the world. The shop still sells enough of his OLD mixtapes to people from all over to keep it open almost a decade after his passing.”

“Moving on…Here I am at King’s Best Market, which is basically a flea market in the hood. It’s the equivalent of the Slauson Swap Meet in LA or Canal St in NYC. Where else can you get jewelry, TVs, furniture, baby clothes, stereo equipment, hot wings, insurance, bicycles, velvet paintings and a fish tank under one roof? Only in America, folks….”

“Lunchtime! This is Frenchy’s, a Houston staple and all-around great grub spot. Some here may argue that Timmy Chan’s is better, but it’s really quality versus quantity. Timmy’s wings are bigger and cheaper butFrenchy’s is better seasoned, almost always just out the fire. I’ve burned myself several times being too anxious… proceed with caution!”

“Last stop is Premium Goods, which is where I’ll be this Saturday from 10am-12noon for the release of the super tight tee I’m rocking! Supplies are VERY limited so get there early! I’ll be signing each tee purchased personally if that ups the ante for any of you guys out there! See you there, and thanks Ben and Bobby! Peace!”

by bobbyhundreds

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