Brittany Nichole Lucas for ALL GONE

Brittany Nichole Lucas for ALL GONE

By Bobby Hundreds

March 08, 2015

I mean, I really can’t complain.  This is part of MY JOB.

Last year, Michael Dupouy from ALL GONE (which covers the finest of street culture every year) asked to include our Modernica collaborative chair for the almanac.  There were a million ways to do this.  I could photograph a typical, sterile studio shot of the piece.  Or I could shoot my beautiful friend Brittany in the chair on top of a faux polar bear rug with an arsenal of studio lights behind me.


Here are the rest of my final picks from the day’s shoot, never before seen or published.  If you haven’t picked up a copy of ALL GONE 2014 yet, you can do so at The Hundreds Los Angeles or The Hundreds San Francisco.  Our Modernica chair is long sold out.  Brittany is not for sale.

Bobby Hundreds