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My office should be more interesting. I blame it on my computer.. all the cool stuff that should be pushpinned to my walls is digitally tucked away into digital folders on my digital desktop. Regardless, here are some scenes from around my way. Funny how even though they’re found in physical space, you’re seeing it through the computer screen anyways. I can’t win.

Jena Malone in a heather grey, vintage Maui & Sons crewneck fleece? That’s a win-win. Great inspiration, right at eye-level next to my monitor.

I’m fascinated with taxidermy. I don’t know why, but dead, stuffed animals are cooler than vinyl figures. I want a gigantic moose or deer head with goliath antlers to hang behind my desk. Maybe then, people will take me seriously.

Until then, I’ll stick with my buddy here who I found at a street market on my last trip to Hong Kong. Look at that beast, built for combat. The military couldn’t devise something like this if they tried.


Danny Way grinds a kinked rail.. Plan B’s “Virtual Reality.” I remember the first time I saw this ad, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that tape. Once I got it, I played it so much that it broke the VCR. Remember when the film would get all tangled in the gears?

And fittingly.. one of the first teasers for a new skate company that rose from Plan B’s rubble.. GIRL SKATEBOARDS. Off to the side there, Agyness Deyn and Vivienne Westwood, muse and master.

I’m actually not a big Nirvana fan. But I’ve always been intrigued by Kurt Cobain, his style, attitude.. his life and demons.. he is an icon, and in many ways, encapsulates the (teen) spirit of the ’90s for me.

Off to the right there is the “business card” for my first “clothing brand,” named after me.. Bobby K. Kim, Inc. when I was 12 years old. The back of the card has the 4 logos associated with the brand. Lettering by hi-liters and traced with fine-tip Crayola markers. Don’t be fooled, I actually have really good handwriting… so as a response, I mimicked the elementary childlike aesthetic a la Bill Watterson. And look, the same color sensibilities you’ll find running throughout our designs today. Whattyaknow.

On the left, a yacht designed by Jeff Koons. I want one.

On the right, Eric Ricks. Eric Ricks was my favorite skateboarder as a teenager, and I was honored to recently discover that he’s a fan of The Hundreds. He mailed me an autographed card, which is bigtime in the book of life. Thank you, Eric.

As you’ve seen from our current season of graphic t-shirts, Steve Nazar’s T&C Surf characters were a huge influence on my creative life. This original Nintendo game was ridiculously difficult for absolutely no reason. I still suck at video games.

by bobbyhundreds

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