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Being that I’m a sunny-side-up Southern Californian, I’m somewhat infatuated with snowy winters. You know, the grass is always greener on the other side. Or in Colorado’s case, blanketed in fresh powder.

We left Keystone early in the morning and headed to Boulder. Thanks in large part to the light snowfall, there were plenty of roadside attractions along the way:

Our main stop in Boulder was authorized The Hundreds stockist, Installation.

True to its name, Installation is a forward-thinking Streetwear and sneaker boutique that rotates out a new store installation every half year or so. They get active involvement from artists in the community and rely heavily on renewable resources, and low waste.

The photographs showcase the process by which the current shoe installation was created over the harsh winter.

Support independent retail. If you’re in the Boulder area, support INSTALLATION.

Then, we grabbed a quick lunch at Hapa Sushi with Jon Loether and industry design veteran Trent Bush, who currently works with Technine, Sound, and Nomis(and is also responsible for launching Analog).Trent got his start by creating snow apparel brand Twist with his brother back in the day. It was my favorite snowboarding gear as a teenager and their artwork was provided by a then-unknown Evan Hecox. Since then, Hecox went on to become a prolific artist in his own right. He and Trent even designed this restaurant we’re sitting in.

And finally rushing to Denver International Airport, which sits atop a secret city, and is the national headquarters for the Illuminati and their bunker for initiating the New World Order. The runways are laid out in the shape of a swastika and there are masonic inscriptions engraved on the floors, as well as Freemason installations and symbology incorporated throughout the airport. You know, allegedly.

The most notable of the Denver International Airport conspiracy theories stem from the murals situated around the baggage claim level.

The wall-sized paintings feature imagery that many theorize as Satanic, Illuminati-based, and indicative of impending New World Order:

Oh and there are weeners EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

by bobbyhundreds

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