By Bobby Hundreds

December 29, 2012

These were our best videos from the past year… according to me, the most reliable source.

The Hundreds X Nerf “Turbo Football” tournament brings out the best from L.A. Streetwear’s best of the best:

The Hundreds New York by Jay Howell:

and The Hundreds New York X Penny Skateboards:

History in the making. Long live RSWD:

How good was the teaser for The Hundreds X Saber?

Really proud of our Public Label commercial for Fall/Winter, one of our best pieces of the year:

Speaking of commercials, how about Sandee Westgate for The Hundreds eyewear? How ’bout dem apples?

Speaking of apples, how about Jayden Jaymes for our April Fool’s joke? At over 130k views, this was not only our most-viewed video of 2012, but maybe of ever? Lisa Ann didnt disappoint either

Johnny Cockroaches:

The Hundreds’ annual Warehouse Sale had the biggest crowd we’ve ever seen, and the kids were better than ever. These are the days that make it all worth it. Thanks for all the support, and thanks for being rad:

And these are the nights that make it all worth it. The Hundreds & G-Shock present GUCCI MANE:

Finally, my favorite video of the entire year. In fact, maybe one of my proudest achievements of the past 12 months. It’s the The Hundreds X Casio G-Shock video, which ended up garnering one of our highest view counts, with 136 thumbs-downs, and pages of outraged comments. Everyone in our office hated me for making this video and that’s exactly the response I was going for. Instead of filming Streetwear dudes in snap-backs or rappers wearing our watch (yawn), I wanted to give everyone the exact opposite. Something totally wrong and backwards. And that’s why you remember it.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds