By Bobby Hundreds

February 10, 2011

Lil B isn’t the future of rap.

Let me clarify. Yes, he’s the future, but no, this isn’t about rap. B is the anti-musician. He’s deconstructing rap and rebuilding it in his likeness.

He got his start with his Bay Area crew, The Pack, concoctingseminal hip-hop songs about skate culture to a fresh and willing audience. 5 years later, Lil B is only 21 and sitting atop a cavalcade of million-plus Youtube videos and tantamount critical attention. His success comes by way of weirded-out musical experimentation, a certain punk rock, no-holds-barred affront on rap that leaves it all but unrecognizable. But the secret recipe resides in his pervasive online reach: His Twitter. His Tumblr. He maintains a personal connection with each and every one of his fans, and that’s how he’s paved the road to Coachella. It also helps that the kid is sincere, intelligent, and calculated. He wears the same jeans and shoes daily; Lil B’s made it very clear: He is here to work.


by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds