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Yesterday, Andrew Baik finished his summer job with us here in Los Angeles, and now he’s headed back to New York to start his second year at NYU.

Wait, you don’t know who Andrew Baik is?

Years ago, Ben and I met Andrew Baik and his little brother in the concessions line at a Lakers game. They were young kids at the time, and enthusiastic The Hundreds fans. Fast forward to us opening The Hundreds New York and Andrew insisting NA and the New York crew recruit him as the store intern. As an aspiring filmmaker, he shoved his videography down our throats, making his own unauthorized The Hundreds commercials in hopes we’d take him more seriously. So when he returned to Los Angeles for his summer break, we gave him the golden offer that a typical The Hundreds fan couldn’t refuse – come onboard for a few months and be our staff filmer.

He did. And he took that prize-winning ticket and wiped his ass with it. Within weeks, he was already complaining everytime he didn’t want to shoot something (often because it involved an attractive female), or anytime Ben put a cardboard box over his head and punched him in the face, or I threw half of his valuables into the recycle bin. Andrew became a member of the family – but a polarizing one, like the evangelizing Baldwin brother. Everyone loves Andrew or hates him, but most love to hate him, and some think his name is Robbie. He said the one lesson he learned this summer is that he’s not as normal as he thought he was, and that alcohol seems to be very important to The Hundreds. Sources confirm that he also experienced his sexual awakening this Summer, albeit by his own hands. Baik started off the summer donning The Hundreds head to toe, then spent 3 straight weeks wearing a Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt, and now dresses like a bargain-bin shopper at Opening Ceremony. It’s like he took the accelerated track from Hypebeast to Hater – in 3 months, skipped right over the 3 years of purple t-shirts and New Eras, and straight to the disheveled Hanes tee and ironic moustache (which should fill in by 2050). By next week, onto dressing like a Gothic druid or a Star Wars jawa. He grew jaded of The Hundreds, realized I’m an a-hole, and the only things that matter in life are Adventure Time and Jensen’s girlfriend. His latest Facebook update also reads “Jesus stole all my friends.”

In any case, many of the videos you’ve watched this summer were filmed and edited by Andrew, and he did a fantastic job. In 40 years when he’s the next Roman Polanski (for the sexual abuse charges), you’ll remember that he was the one who sported a mohawk and screamed his lungs out to a Lady Gaga song while V-Nasty filmed him in the backseat of a rental car. Oh and P.S. Andrew, you forgot to film the rest of the OFFICE MUSIC series. You’re fired.

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