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This is my crew. They may not be the toughest kids or the coolest, and they’re certainly not the smartest or best looking. But what they lack in these areas, they make up for in loyalty and dedication. LOYALTY! So underrated these days, so under-appreciated and ignored, that it makes it all the more valuable when these guys (and gals) put in their work and commitment to the project. And they’re PROUD of their work, as they should be. I love them all and want to have like 10,000 of their babies.

Switch is our staff photographer and he handles all the product shots you see come from The Hundreds. In his spare time, he also has the most prolific Tumblr on the Internet – called Everything You Love to Hate – and he just printed up some t-shirts to express that love/hate relationship. Get one HERE.

Natalia runs the MEOW page on our website, and as you know by now, she’s selling her own signature t-shirts as well. She had an impromptu meet & greet the other afternoon with her fans – keepin’ it real, sellin’ tees out-the-backpack like Cash Money circa 1992.

I talked to a kid the other day who went to high school with BAIK (on the left). He couldn’t believe, out of all the people The Hundreds had on staff, that we would hire BAIK to shoot our videos. He was flabbergasted, beside himself, baffled. BAIK? Really?! BAIK!?!

And then there’s Jav Dolla, who’s the mentally disturbed Mayan 12-year-old boy that works at The Hundreds Los Angeles (not because we want him to, but because we don’t know how to get rid of him. He shows up every morning whether we want him there or not, like asthma). Would there be a winner if these two fought? NO. Because they’re both losers.

Tony updates his ynoT? blog whenever he feels like it. Ben and I have pretty much given up on trying to convince him to post regularly like a law-abiding blogger. He just turns away, mumbles something, snickers to himself, and attracts pretty white girls. Kimiya is our daily assistant, which basically means she makes dinner reservations for Ben (two times a night) and books international flights for me so that I’m as far away from her, as often as possible.

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