By Bobby Hundreds

July 23, 2008

Welcome to the THSF House. Like my coatrack?

Tony is famous. And well-read.


Mmmm soup.



The Hundreds’ inter-office memo.

Head to toe.

Tools of the trade.

Instant classic.

Here’s a story, although it’s kinda hard to explain through these pictures, but I’ll do my best. The other night, Alex was locked out, so he climbed out onto this fire-escape. Now, see that window there? That’s the window to Tony’s room. Somehow, he leapt from this fire-escape to that 5-inch ledge. Mind you, we’re 3 floors up and that’s a 6-foot gap.

The bottom window doesn’t open, so while standing on the ledge, he had to pry open the top pane, and somehow snake through this opening head-first.

You can still see the marks from where he was standing on the sill.

He’s alive and well, and out in New York now. So if you see him in the city, give him a nice big wallop in the Adam’s apple for me.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds