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ALL IN ALL :: Sure Shot

ALL IN ALL :: Sure Shot

A few things have transpired since my last All in All three weeks ago.  Letterman quit, boxing died, and Lil’ B won the NBA.  In that time, I’ve been chipping away at this Streetwear documentary, wrapping up some of the LA stories, like Rick Klotz’s of Freshjive and Warriors of Radness:

In the Beastie Boys’ old studio, former home of Grand Royal, to rehash bygones with…

Beastie Boys, ABA

Streetwear pioneer Eli Bonerz of XLarge:

Eli Bonerz, XLarge,

The Big Bang.  XLarge’s name and iconography coalesce:

Ben Davis

Eli digs up a cornerstone of Streetwear history:  A mint, deadstock Phillies Blunt T-shirt by GFS/nfc (of Stash and Futura fame):

Phillies blunt,

Sunny mornings at BUSCEMI headquarters:

Buscemi, Buscemi HQ

Rob Heppler is misunderstood.

Rob Heppler,

Lunch around the corner at Cecconi’s where we ate next to a woman who looked nothing like Robin Wright.

ben hundreds

Speaking of lunch, softshell crab banh mi at Little Sister in Manhattan Beach with Matt Jacobson, eighth employee at Facebook and owner of Birdwell:

Tal and Abbi, together forever.  Beautiful wedding, beautiful people, beautiful In & Out burgers for dinner.  A perfect start towards a happy ending.

Plenty of fish in the sea.


SSUR, SSURLA, do not cross ssur

Once again, I attended the annual PTTOW! summit at the Terranea.


I’m proud to serve on the advisory board alongside…

this nasty gal.  Sophia Amoruso:

Sophia Amoruso,

Seated beside Sophia, the leader of the new school.  Musa Tariq continues to connect worlds as head of digital and social media for Apple.

Musa Tariq

Is branding the new religion?  What’s the future of mobile?  Is the business of tomorrow about empowering entrepreneurs?  Just some of the questions our thinktanks tackled over the week.

Kearl, Stance Socks, Mcknight, Quiksilver, PTTOW

Kearl (Stance Socks) and McKnight (Quiksilver) and the elephant in the room (Tenore).

Fast Company just published an interesting outsider’s perspective on PTTOW!, you can read HERE.

Branding guru Mike Salisbury.  You might best know him for creating Michael Jackson’s tuxedo and loafers identity, the Jurassic Park logo, or the Levi’s 501 campaign. His living room is surrounded by framed portraits he’s photographed over the years of Andy Warhol, Marin Scorsese onset of Apocalypse Now, and Alfred Hitchock. He gifted me with my favorite Mike Salisbury photograph: Bobby Kennedy at the Ambassador, the last known photograph of him alive before his assassination moments later.

Mike Salisbury, Jurassic Park, Levi 501, Michael Jackson

The other afternoon, Mike (Linkin Park / Fort Minor) filmed a top-secret, innovative music video of which I’m not at liberty to talk about.

Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, Fort Minor

So, umm..I can say that he painted this mural behind him in mere hours along the Venice boardwalk.

And that’s our Ridge flannel he’s wearing.

Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Ridge Flannel

The process behind the project reminds me of a Beastie Boys video, but all three orbs merge together to create a seamless, 360, interactive experience.  Shhh… that’s enough.

Bye for now.


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