By Bobby Hundreds

October 02, 2014

We live in this world now where you can’t just be one thing.  You’re an energy drink company, but action sports.  You’re an actor but a politician.  A barber that sells donuts.  I mean, even us, we’re a clothing brand and a media company.  And I think that’s because as people, we can’t be relegated to a singular thing.  We’re complex, complicated.  We like to categorize people, but we all live outside classification.

And so there’s Alexander Spit.  He’s one of my favorite rappers, but even moreso, he’s a masterful artist.  Visuals.  Storytelling.  You don’t just listen to an Alex Spit song, you have to watch it, and read it, and wear it, and experience it.

His latest video, “Bon Voyage,” is Spit at his best.  It’s a dark and dizzying episode, drug-fueled, mind-altering, and strange.  Familiar faces (Brick, Manface, Lee) in familiar places (San Francisco), but all too unfamiliar in montage.  The video plays itself as a resurfaced memory, unearthed from a late-night binge.  Spit’s flow rifles off into the atmosphere, and it hails back down with a brilliant beat.  The film makes you feel a certain type of way, and Alexander Spit’s raps won’t let you forget it…

Bobby Hundreds