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The conclusion of Revelation Records’ 25th Anniversary wasn’t without fireworks. The aforementioned surprise reunion of Quicksand was just the icing on top, as legions of hardcore devotees from past to present convened on the Glass House in Pomona Sunday night.

I would like to thank Revelation Records, Jordan Cooper, and Chris Lisk for making our 4-part series of collaboration tees a reality. That was a personal career (and life) milestone, to see our name up there with legends, to see a The Hundreds t-shirt on the merch wall at a hardcore show of this caliber, was an incredible feeling. And thank you to everyone who shelled out to pick up the limited set.

Onto the bands. I missed Shai Hulud (again! argh). Here’s In My Eyes:


No for an Answer:


and of course, Gorilla Biscuits:

Not as many shots as usual, because I was in the pit the entirety of the shows. Kinda hard to do work and take photos when I’m immersed in the experience. So I took the camera to the floor and wanted to give you the experience of actually being there. Hope I achieved something remotely close to the sensation…

And last but not least, what is hardcore without the community? Had a great weekend with my friends Nate, Joey (Sound and Fury), Luis from Alpha & Omega:

Toby (H2O), Arthur from Gorilla Biscuits, and Moon:

Like father’s eyes shut, son’s eyes shut. An all-grown-up Max:

This entire thing can all be attributed to Chris Lisk (second from left). The anniversary shows were his brainchild and project, they were pulled off successfully without a hitch, and changed a lot of lives. He paid out of pocket, he believed in it, he did it himself. He made it happen. Thanks Lisk. (Here, with Gorilla Biscuits):

and my crew! IE / PK

by bobbyhundreds

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