By Bobby Hundreds

January 01, 2014

When I was a kid, 2014 was a far-off place, like a distant planet.  I’d turn 34 that year, which was practically 40, which was close to a beard and death and dust.  2014 was flying cars and Jetsons, astronaut food prepared by robots on the moon.  Then today I woke up and it was the year 2014. It felt the same. I mean, I felt the same.  No spaceships.  No floating cities. Still no beard (WOMP WOMP). But I had a family and a close group of friends and a job that I loved, a real house with a garage with a DeLorean (!!!). I had a best friend for a business partner, I got to surf in the mornings and skate in the days and although I thought I’d grow up to be a newspaper cartoonist, I still figured out how to draw pictures for a living.  I mean, if you think about it, every day begins another new year.  So today is just like the rest, except you’re wiser than yesterday and better equipped for tomorrow.

Happy New Year, everyone.  2014 is now.  2014 is up for grabs.

I’m going first.


Bobby Hundreds