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Art Basel Miami 2014

It’s that time of year again when the deepest pockets in the world descend upon  Miami for the latest way to launder money… buying art. To stay with my current theme of taking awful pictures, I tried to take the worst possible.

Buff Monster came up with the most original way to dispense his art.

$20 buys you a token, that works only in this custom tooled vending machine. The token releases one capsule containing a resin head. Heads vary in rarity.

Chet was there.

Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce was there.

James F Goldstein of course was there.

Raul S was there.

Kenny Scharf was there.

Shadi Perez

I got into Kendrick Lamar 5 times.

JR the artist, not my son!

JR, Buff Monster, Peter Gronquist

Jack Bedwani and friend

Future president Matthew J Rising

Richard Stark Chrome Hearts