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So we’re here to get Scotty in a car for a ride-along. He’s getting suited up in his Alpinestars flame-retardant getup. That’s Ryan, he owns Formula D. He’s also Boss’s older brother. John is with the ID Agency, who helped grease the wheels for this blog post (pun intended). And Chris is with Alpinestars, who also helped make this a reality. Alpinestars has a rich history in all motorsports, outfitting and protecting the world’s top athletes. Speaking of bridging the street culture and motorsports world, Alpinestars is about to introduce “Apex Initiative” in the next months. They’ve also got some upcoming projects with Alyasha Owerka-Moore, Fatlace, and Sneaker Freaker.


Suited up.


That’s Alpinestars driver Chris Forsberg. He’s all but wrapped up the ’09 Formula D championship.


Chris has also got some interesting guidelines for his passengers.



It’s Scotty’s turn…



by bobbyhundreds