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Airing Out :: Flying Over Miami

The beginning of December is here. Which means another Art Basel has come and gone. I took it upon myself to make out to one of my favorite cities for the festivities. I have been going out there for the past few years and I must say I hate it and love it at the same time. The fact that all my friends from various places are in town at the same moment is awesome. The massive amounts of art showcasing all over the whole city is awesome. The traffic fucking blows. While out in the 305, I got a text from my buddy Copter Pilot. Apparently he had a connect for me to fly via South Beach Helicopters. Now if you think I was going to pass up a chance to see Miami from above and shoot some photos, you are fucking crazy. So I headed up Hollywood, Florida, with my brother 13th Witness. We linked up with our pilot Luis and away we went. It really was awesome to fly all over Miami. From downtown to South Beach and everything in between. The thing about Miami that I love is the skies. The clouds are always amazing and shooting with them high up was rad. So if you ever find yourself in the MIA and want to take a break from the usual beach and nightlife vibes, do yourself a favor and take a flight.

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