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Robbie Conal T-Shirt

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  • As part of the 5th anniversary celebration for The Hundreds, Ben and Bobby enlisted the help of some of their favorite artists for a series of graphic T-shirts called "5TH." We've featured one or two of these timeless pieces on the show before, but now we're bringing you another one of our favorites. This piece was drawn by Robbie Conal, a legendary political street artist with a resume that sprawls across decades and decades. When The Hundreds approached Conal about a collaboration, he said he was down but that, at the time, he was kind of over the political stuff and was really into depicting cats or baseball... or cats playing baseball. We met Robbie in the middle and had him create this skull. Although, in hindsight, now I'm kind of wondering what that The Hundreds baseball cat T-shirt would have looked like.
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