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Public Label Jacket

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  • When people ask if we’ll ever bring back our high-end essentials line Public Label, what they don’t realize is that it never really went away. The Hundreds cut-and-sew was always called “Public Label” from the beginning so when creative director Patrick Hill wanted to start a line of wearable essentials that didn’t have big, gaudy graphics, the name Public Label was perfect. Patrick said in an interview about Public Label, “The need for it came from the fact that we were doing all this loud cut and sew that wasn’t necessarily what we wanted to wear. We wanted a cleaner aesthetic. We saw a gap in our market and wanted to provide some timeless non-branded basics.” While we no longer run Public Label collections, many of the same design elements live on in our current cut-and-sew collections, and you can still grab this timeless piece on Greatest Hits to add to your collection today.
  • WORN (7/10)
  • 2010

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