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Kurupt T-Shirt

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One of the most iconic photos ever taken in The Hundreds history, this shot of Kurupt leaning on the street sign at the corner of Fairfax and Rosewood was a long time in the making. According to Bobby Hundreds, "The vision was to re-create Kurupt’s THA STREETZ IZ A MUTHA iconic album cover (both front and back), but on our stoop, on our street. You can’t mention classic LA rap without bringing up Kurupt’s name, so this one was pretty special for us. And surprisingly, he was the easiest model I’ve ever had to photograph." This shirt was part of the Rosewood Collection and has never been sold online before now. The most iconic part of this photo is that Kurupt is rocking one of our elusive Black Adam T-shirts, which have never been sold and only hand delivered to friends and family of the brand by Ben and Bobby themselves. It is the ultimate The Hundreds grail piece. Fun Fact: We had Fred Durst recreate Kurupt's shoot on our stoop for the release of our rendition of the Osiris D3 last year.


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