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Jackson Pollock Work Jacket

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"I fell in love with Jackson Pollock twice. The first time was in elementary school. My third-grade teacher decided to give the class an art lesson on “drip painting.” She basically let us fling splatters of paint across sheaths of butcher paper with our paintbrushes, camouflaging the students in rainbow, what ended up looking like an 8-year-old’s version of India’s Festival of Colors. “It’s important for the brush to not actually touch the paper,” Mrs. Lau stressed. I couldn’t believe it, I never thought about using the paintbrush like a magic wand to spool ropes of color. 'This is a technique that was invented by an American artist named Jackson Pollock.'" - Bobby Hundreds // A detail shot from Pollock’s paint-splattered studio floor appears as a graphic element throughout this The Hundreds collection, which included this canvas work jacket, a series of printed T-shirts, headwear, a skateboard deck, an ash tray, shorts, and a puzzle, in addition to a Modernica fiberglass shell chair, printed with Jackson Pollock’s studio floor all-over graphic.


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