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Jackson Pollock Modernica Chair

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"I fell in love with Jackson Pollock twice. The second time was years later when Ed Harris signed on to make – and star in – the Jackson Pollock biopic. The movie was deserving of its accolades, but it drove me deeper into Pollock’s life and legacy, the troubled painter’s philosophy on art, and his reexamination of established practice. His questioning of the paintbrush itself and how it was to be used challenged tradition and offered new insight as to what art could be. You’d think that after centuries of artistic exploration, there’d be nothing new under the sun in terms of technique. But, pushed to the edge (both in medium and personal life), Jackson Pollock stumbled onto a new frontier. He recast painting for another generation of artists to dismantle, debate, and develop." - Bobby Hundreds // A detail shot from Pollock’s paint-splattered studio floor appears as a graphic element throughout this entire The Hundreds collection, which included a canvas work jacket, a series of printed T-shirts, headwear, a skateboard deck, an ash tray, shorts, and a puzzle in addition to this Modernica fiberglass shell chair, printed with Jackson Pollock’s studio floor all-over graphic.


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