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Immigrants T-Shirt by Mister Cartoon

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The INTO ACTION collection is a reminder that politics, activism, and social justice have been woven into The Hundreds' language since day one. We remixed and revived some of our favorite commentary graphics from the last 15 years for INTO ACTION, which was a weeklong celebration of Community Power + Cultural Resistance. Once available exclusively for The Hundreds' INTO ACTION gift shop, these graphics are now available in limited quantities in our Online Shop.

The "Immigrants" T-shirt is a The Hundreds by Mister Cartoon collaboration. Los Angeles born and raised artist Mister Cartoon has an expressive style of art that embodies the true soul of Los Angeles street culture. Beginning his career as a graffiti artist in the 1980s, he gained notoriety for his album cover designs, logos, ads, custom lowrider car murals, and his one of a kind tattoos. Mister Cartoon‰۪s richly detailed, hand-rendered designs are inspired by the style of tattoos that originated in the streets of 1970s Los Angeles: fine line Chicano black and grey custom tattoo art. Mister Cartoon is continually driven to give back to the community that has supported him. He is able to do this through you outreach programs and collaborations with organizations that are active in the community.

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