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Hook-Ups T-Shirt

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  • Part of our very rare 2013 collaboration with Hook Ups, this logo T-shirt is very difficult to find online, just like the rest of the collection. From Bobby Hundreds at the time it released: "We’re all ’90s kids here, we were around and in love with Hook-Ups back in the heyday of baggy-jeans skateboarding. The anime and manga themes of Jeremy Klein’s novelty, niche brand were unmatched – while the other players’ art obsessed over graffiti characters and rave-isms. What really drove Hook-Ups over the top was the quirky advertising ploys, like the Ming Tran vs. Jeremy Klein pictorials of her helicopter-kicking him in Chinatown. Just seemed like such a no-brainer to get here that I’m pretty surprised it didn’t happen sooner. I think we all figured that it could, or would, never happen. It was just that big of a pipe dream. But Jeremy Klein was down, wholeheartedly. Believe it or not, this is the first time Hook-Ups has ever collaborated on anything with anyone. So, this collection was a double honor."
  • WORN (7/10)
  • 2013

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