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Grain Bear T-Shirt

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  • In 2014, The Hundreds collaborated with Grizzly Griptape and the partnership was a longtime coming for the group of friends. Both Sean and Torey from Grizzly have lots of history with The Hundreds. Sean helped Bobby and Ben move into RSWD originally, and Bobby has been skating with Torey since they were kids. Scotty, who is great friends with everyone on both sides of the collab, said, “We’ve all watched each other grow. It was just about finding the right opportunity and the right time, and it happened organically. I think this collab is a good representation of both our brand’s stories and aesthetic. Born out of friendship, appreciation, and respect.” The Grizzly silhouette and The Hundreds Solid Bomb logo lockup was one of the Graphic T-shirts in the collection and also appeared on some limited edition griptape. Anyone still have a piece from this collection in their rotation?
  • WORN (8/10)
  • 2014

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