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Barbi Twins T-Shirt

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  • The Barbi Twins began their synchronized modeling careers at the age of seven in a Sears catalog but it wasn't until almost 20 years later in 1989 that they became famous around the world. A billboard on Sunset Blvd featuring the Barbi Twins captivated the city and got them a story in the Los Angeles Times. From there, the sisters were featured in fashion campaigns for every designer from Galliano to Gaultier, even snagging a Playboy cover in September of 1991. The twins are also in a very exclusive club of people that have taken Larry Flynt to court. Later in life, they became animal rights activists and even helped track down the serial kitten (and human) killer Luka Magnotta from the Netflix documentary Don't F**k With Cats. But maybe most impressively, the Barbi Twins landed themselves a The Hundreds T-shirt in 2010. They agreed to a collab as long as Ben and Bobby donated the Barbi Twins cut to their favorite animal rights nonprofit. Done.
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  • 2010

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