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By Bobby Hundreds

Venice tells one of the more complicated stories of California culture. From gangs to punk, skateboarding to graffiti, this beach town has been the epitome of LA life. Basketball court asphalt bleeds into the sand, the territorial surfers guard the coastline, the street performers balance the homeless. Generation upon generation, subcultures have coexisted here, only now being unearthed by gentrification and restaurant rows. It’s an interesting moment for Venice, as Silicon Beach (yes, that’s a real thing) encroaches, multi-million dollar housing absorbs neighborhood haunts, and its natives stand frustrated. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that more of these Venice legends are coming to light. Speaking of whom, today I’m visiting Richard from Those Folks - his surname is an institution around these parts - for a future piece we’re writing about the next generation of Streetwear.

Welcome to Richard’s world.

Richard catches some back tails…

Welcome to Venice. Now go home!”