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By Bobby Hundreds

This is our friend Dan Clements. Along with Bryan Shima, he~Ac^a'not^a"cs the man, and the story, behind hardcore/punk-inspired upstart label HellaCa.

And Dan~Ac^a'not^a"cs story begins here. Venice Beach, California. Late 1970~Ac^a'not^a"cs. Home of the pioneers of modern street skateboarding. Here, artifacts:

Dogtown Skates. Represent.

Vintage Dogtown Skates tee, circa 1978. Worn out. Super crusty.

The second chapter of Dan~Ac^a'not^a"cs life, and Hellaca~Ac^a'not^a"cs subcultural context, revolved around the unparalleled 1980s-era Venice punk scene, spearheaded by hardcore/punk band Suicidal Tendencies. ST was notorious for gang affiliations, and this is Dan~Ac^a'not^a"cs vintage ST bandana. You might see those X~Ac^a'not^a"cs repeated on some of your favorite Japanese brands~Ac^a'not^a"c markings today.

ST~Ac^a'not^a"cs 1983 self-titled debut was wrapped in photographs of crew-customized Suicidal Tendencies armor.

You can see Dan~Ac^a'not^a"cs contribution on the far right.

And here~Ac^a'not^a"cs the original. Having survived many a show and over 25 years of literal wear-and-tear.

Dan co-founded his own band, EXCEL, in the mid-~Ac^a'not^a"c80~Ac^a'not^a"cs, with other Venice locals in the wake of ST. Here, EXCEL~Ac^a'not^a"cs first vinyl appearance on a compilation with Suicidal.

There~Ac^a'not^a"cs Dan. Dead-center, loc~Ac^a'not^a"cd out.

Excel. Split Image. 1987.

Excel. The Joke~Ac^a'not^a"cs On You. 1989.

Excel. Seeking Refuge. Tony Alva action shot. 1995.

Look at those J~Ac^a'not^a"cs. Speaking of which, the next chapter sees Dan~Ac^a'not^a"cs crossover into the street apparel realm. To be continued~Ac^a'not|

by bobbyhundreds