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By Bobby Hundreds

Ladies and gentleman, we are proud to debut the new RSWD.

Like the first time we did this in 2007, we invite the world inside The Hundreds Los Angeles simultaneously with our customers. This post is publishing Live at 10am, the exact moment we are letting the line in at THLA. Just so we’re all on the same page…

So, I’m having trouble putting this into words. As I stand here and look at this store, I can’t help but think of The Hundreds’ future. And I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I’d feel sentimental, or at the least, reflective. Instead, I am inspired and dreaming and impassioned to move forward, all over again. Sometimes I surprise even myself that as we get older, we don’t grow bitter or defeated like so many others who’ve paved this path. We only get hungrier and angrier and more determined to win. Milestones like this – the newly renovated THLA – definitely help.

Ben was saying yesterday, “It took us 9 years to build this store…” Because we actually signed the lease on 7909 Rosewood Ave. nearly a decade ago when it was our first real office and studio. How crazy is that? That’s like an entire generation. So much has changed in our game, within the community, on this block – and with us! We’ve gotten so much better and bolder. Excites me to think of how The Hundreds will stand 9 years from now.

Another thing that was unexpected… We have 4 stores, but suddenly, it’s like we’re opening a shop for the very first time. There’s something important happening here, one of those things we’ll only be able to understand years later in hindsight. Until then, I urge you to experience the Return of RSWD in person.

The Hundreds Los Angeles is now open at 7909 Rosewood Ave. Welcome home.