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Stay Informed :: The Weekly Trump-Era Report (3.10.17)

Stay Informed :: The Weekly Trump-Era Report (3.10.17)

By Peter Yeh

Say what you will about President Donald Trump, but politics in America have miraculously become interesting. It’s hard to keep up with all the news when everything is overshadowed by confusion over what is truth in an apparently post-truth era. So here are a few nuggets you may have missed, young readers, in layman’s terms just 4 u.

Muslim Ban Part Deux – After a sweeping loss at the federal courts the executive order banning Muslims is back. Noticeably missing on this latest rendition is Iraq, one of the two countries where ISIS still operates. LOL, right? Permanent Residents and VISA holders are also off of the list, but what this new executive order is offering is still incredibly frightening. The ban obviously targets Muslim nations and violates the US Constitution because it discriminates based on religious beliefs. Now consider when the last Muslim attack on US soil wasn’t homegrown? 9/11 being the obvious exception. A Muslim ban doesn’t address any real issues and pacifies those that thrive off of fearmongering. It’s laws like this that empowers groups like ISIS to radicalize moderate Muslims already living in the US.

Source: New York Times

US Steel Only! …NOT – President Trump kicked off his term by signing an executive order that allowed the continuation of the Dakota Pipelines. The one tiny silver lining amidst the destruction of sacred Native American land was that Trump vowed to only use steel made in the United States. The tactic was to promote job growth in the United States and a lot of PBR and Rolling Rock-chugging nationalists cheered.

Well, that all went out the window this week when Trump through his surrogate Sarah Sanders clarified that only repairs were to use US steel. So if not US steel, then where is the steel for this highly contentious Dakota pipeline coming from? RUSSIA, OF COURSE.

Source: PBS

Trump Towers Tapped – Without an iota of evidence, President Donald Trump has accused former President Obama of wire-tapping Trump Tower. A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant was issued in October to investigate the Russian hacks into the Democratic National Convention, but Trump is spinning it to imply that President Obama was spying directly at him during the eve of the election. While FISA does have a history of rubber stamping warrants this is only for wiretaps on foreign soil. The last time I checked, the Trump Tower was located in the United States and a wire-tap would require a warrant that is signed off by a judge (meaning if it WAS signed, then what is Trump hiding?).

I understand that the President is privy to information that regular citizens do not have access to, but Trump seems to love getting his headlines from batshit crazy right wingers. Trump’s unfounded accusation came after a Breitbart article was published. Instead of relying on the might of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the entire Justice Department for intelligence Trump looks to Breitbart, Fox News, and Infowars. That’s like having a membership to Costco, but insisting on getting your fruit from a gas station.

Source: CNN

ICE ICE Baby – Unlike the pop-rap lyricism of Vanilla Ice, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is no joke. With President Donald Trump fingering immigrants as the source of crime in the United States (when it has been proven that immigrants are LESS likely to commit crimes), ICE agents are clocking in a lot of overtime. Seemingly peaceful immigrants are being uprooted from their homes, workplace, and local schools to satisfy court orders requesting their removal and deportation. These orders were largely ignored by President Obama and previous administrations, unless the crimes were violent. However, no one is safe under the watchful eye of Trump. Romulo Avelica was recently accosted by ICE agents after dropping his daughter off at school because of a driving infraction from 2014. Weeping daughters weren’t enough to stave off ICE, and more aggressive deportations can be expected.

Source: LA Times

Health Care for All (*cough* but you gotta be rich) – Are you a millionaire? Then, the American Health Care Act, a bill sponsored by the Republicans to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is not for you. A big chunk of the funding for the ACA comes from taxing the wealthy. With this new plan, those that make $1,000,000 will get $50,000 back in taxes, and if you make more than a million you get even more money back. The burden for funding the new plan will fall sorely on the shoulders of the lower- and middle-class. Who do you think is better equipped to handle this abrupt change? The millionaire executive or the dock worker? The plan will erase the momentum that the ACA created and 14 million US citizens currently with health care will be displaced. Oh, and Planned Parenthood will definitely be defunded ‘cuz Jesus hates abortions, and… pro-choice. The plan is so bad that many rank and file Republicans are stepping away and denouncing the bill. Pretty embarrassing. Back to the drawing board, Paul Ryan. Ya cunt.

Source: Washington Post