RECAP :: The Hundreds X Obsidian LA Release Party

RECAP :: The Hundreds X Obsidian LA Release Party

By The Hundreds Staff

October 16, 2019

To celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day and the release of our The Hundreds X Obsidian collaboration, we hosted a party at The Hundreds Los Angeles on Fairfax, and it was one to remember.

We realize the great privelege and platform we have, so it was an honor to use that to amplify the voices of our brothers and sisters in Obsidian and the Indigenous community beyond. Obsidian and. their friends came out, all The Hundreds homies showed up, Blondie Beach set the mood, and we all had a great time on the block toasting to a great collaboration and cause.

It was amazing to see the groundswell of love this project received, with everyone at the party supporting and picking up a few pieces from the collection. If you haven’t grabbed anything from The Hundreds X Obsidian yet, hurry because it’s almost sold out! Thank you to our family in Obsidian and everyone else who came out to show love and have some fun with us on Indigenous Peoples’ Day but let’s remember to uplift and stand up for these first citizens all the time, not just once a year.

Photos by Ben Shmikler

The Hundreds Staff