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Apr 14, 2014

Selfie Sessions :: Nicole Mejia

By: Van Styles

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am currently in Miami at the moment doing some shoots with some cool models out here. Which made me think that it would be a nice way to break up my photo recap of my trip to Hawaii posts. And since I had the chance to shoot […]

Apr 11, 2014

Hawaiian Recap :: Part 2

By: Van Styles

For my second day out in Oahu I decided to take a drive up to the North Shore to see what sights I would see along my way. I strolled turtle beach… but didn’t see any turtles sunbathing sadly. I cruised around till I stumbled upon the Dole pineapple fields which were pretty fun to […]

Apr 7, 2014

Test Shot :: Savannah K

By: Van Styles

While up in S.F. for The Hundreds Street Meet I got a e-mail from a beauty from Santa Cruz by the name of Savannah. She had noticed I was in town and expressed a interest in shooting with me while up in the Bay Area. I honestly had not intention of shooting any models, thinking […]

Mar 31, 2014

Photogenic :: Monica Alvarez

By: Van Styles

Just another manic Monday. With that said here are some photos from when I had shot with Monica Alvarez. I know our photos during the snow storm on the balcony were a hit but I think you will enjoy these shots. My buddy Louie was kind enough to let us shoot at his place in […]

Mar 29, 2014

Leica Craft x Stash

By: Van Styles

Last night was the beginning of a new relationship. One of the world’s oldest and most decorated camera brands Leica held its first showing with famed N.Y.C. graffiti artist Mr. Stash. Held at their Los Angeles store, they were showcasing Stash’s first ever photo works, which were featured in black and white. His images were shot in various locations […]

Mar 28, 2014

SXSWestside :: Pt. 4

By: Van Styles

One of the coolest things about meeting new people and building relationships with these people are the fun opportunities that come along. Such as while in Austin, TX, getting a text from Jason Goldwatch about coming out to do photos at the Mass Appeal event. Before even hearing the line-up my answer was yes, but then I […]

Mar 25, 2014

SXSWestside :: Pt. 3

By: Van Styles

The next morning I woke up to amazing scents coming from the kitchen. Jesse and Eric of Free Range L.A. were busy getting breakfast going as well as cooking up lunch for the HUF house gifting suite going on this day. I was awesome to have a house party vibe for such a event. Good music, food, […]

Mar 24, 2014

SXSWestside :: Pt. 2

By: Van Styles

Starting my first full day in Austin, I decided to cruise around the city and take some snapshots. I knew it was going to get pretty hectic in the next few days and walks like these weren’t going to be that easy. Being a fan of street photography, I had a fun day of snapping […]

Mar 20, 2014

Cherry Popping

By: Van Styles

So I know you all are expecting another post from SXSW, but last night was the premier of Supreme’s first official video titled “cherry.” Directed by William Strobeck and filled with a lot of talented skaters, it was definitely a treat. I loved how it was not following traditional formulas of most skate videos, but […]

Mar 19, 2014


By: Van Styles

Sorry for the lack of posting last week. I was out in Austin, TX, for SXSW. I had gone the year before with the good folks of The Hundreds and got my first taste of what was a fun time. This year I decided to go on my own to see what adventures I could […]

Mar 11, 2014

Contrast :: Iesha Marie

By: Van Styles

I have to say, black and white is one of my favorite ways to capture a photo. There’s something simplistic and timeless about it. I was going through some photos I had shot of Iesha Marie on a trip to Miami and decided I wanted to share a set here with all of you. These […]

Mar 10, 2014

Test Shot :: Paola Urbano

By: Van Styles

Hope you all had a fun weekend. I thought starting the week off with a Test Shot segment didn’t seem like a bad idea. Today, we will be featuring Paola Urbano, a young model from Miami, FL. I had been referred to her through Iesha and I know she would never refer someone to me […]

Mar 7, 2014

Golden Globe Trotting

By: Van Styles

With award season wrapping up in LA for the time being, I decided to go through some images I had taken out at the 1 OAK location in Los Angeles. On the night of these photos, I had been invited by Diddy to come out and be his photographer for his Golden Globes after party. […]

Mar 5, 2014

Test Shot :: Mercedes Edison

By: Van Styles

Welcome to this week’s test shot. Today, I am going to feature a model from the U.K. by the name of Mercedes Edison. I had a chance to meet her while on a trip to New York a few months back. While going through the photos we did, I felt this set was a good […]

Mar 3, 2014

Visions of Vegas :: Part 4 :: Nas Live at 1 Oak

By: Van Styles

What would Vegas be without a little fun right? When I heard that Nas was going to perform at 1 Oak I immediately called my friend Sherry out in N.Y. who works with 1 Oak out there and asked if she could help me out. I am not the biggest fan of lines and the […]

Feb 28, 2014

Visions of Vegas :: Part 3

By: Van Styles

Here are some more portraits I shoot while on the floor of Agenda. Stunnaman in full effect. Ladies’ man Tal looking like he had a good night’s rest. Hi Melissa. Ron from Primitive. Anna from Staple. What up, Benny Gold. Even Tianna G made it out to Vegas. And looked who I bumped into in […]

Feb 27, 2014

Visions of Vegas :: Part 2

By: Van Styles

So the first day of The Agenda Show arrived and I went down to the floor to check things out. I knew I was going to see some friendly faces and thought I would bring my Leica out again, but this time I put on my Noctilux 50mm 0.95. I had a feeling it would […]

Feb 26, 2014

Visions of Vegas :: Part 1

By: Van Styles

As I mentioned in my last post of Ashlyn, I was out in Las Vegas last week for Agenda. I made the 3-4 hour drive with my buddy Trashhand to spend a few days in Sin City. It is always a good opportunity to make it out to these gatherings. Not just for my brand […]

Feb 25, 2014

Test Shot :: Ashlyn Coray

By: Van Styles

Sorry for the lack of updates last week, everyone. It was Agenda Vegas and well… it was Vegas. To kick off some new content for this week, I felt it was only right to bring back a new test shot segment. This time I’m featuring a model from Southern California by the name of Ashlyn […]

Feb 14, 2014

Test Shot :: Laura Elisa

By: Van Styles

Keeping this week moving, I am back with a new test shot segment. I have been sitting on these photos of Laura Elisa for a month or so and figured now is a good time to share them with all of you. Her and I have been in contact with each other for awhile now, […]

Feb 11, 2014

Photogenic :: Alysha Nett 2.10.14

By: Van Styles

A new week is here and I thought I would share some photos from when I got to shoot with the infamous Alysha Nett. This beauty is no stranger to The Hundreds nor the whole industry of streetwear for that matter. Aside from being a hustler in her own right with her modeling career, she […]

Feb 6, 2014

Step Masters

By: Van Styles

Growing up in LA as a skateboarder is probably one of the main reasons why I have been love with hip-hop for 20-plus years. The soundtracks to those videos led me to discover a sound created by artists that pulled me in. Now, I am not talking about what you would hear on the radio […]

Feb 5, 2014

Test Shot :: Monica Alvarez

By: Van Styles

I love it when a plan comes together. That is such a awesome saying, but since I don’t really plan stuff, I am just happy when a great shoot comes together. Such was my time taking photos with Monica Alvarez. She was another great addition to my recent N.Y. trip. Our mutual friend Kirill was […]

Jan 29, 2014

Been Frank

By: Van Styles

Whenever I am out in N.Y.C., I try to catch up with as many people as I can. I figured it would be fun to stop by the office space of Frank 151 to say hi to Uncle Paulie. Paulie has been doing some great work with an already great magazine, so I was curious […]

Jan 27, 2014

Ms. New Booty :: Jen Selter

By: Van Styles

Aside from being able to go out into a snow storm and shoot with 13th Witness and friends, I had some other good opportunities pop up while on my recent trip to the Big Apple. One of which was the opportunity to shoot photos with one of the most popular girls on the web right […]

Jan 24, 2014

Storm Troopers

By: Van Styles

If you live in the New York City area then you’re aware of the snow storm that just hit a couple of days ago. Lucky for me, I was in town for it, and got to go out with 13th Witness and the crew to capture the cold as it was happening. I was really […]

Jan 20, 2014

Test Shot :: Haley Jade

By: Van Styles

So 2013 came and went. But not without giving me a chance to bring you guys a new test shot segment. This one is with Haley Jade, with whom I had the choice to shoot with before the end of the year. She had e-mailed me a few months back showing an interest in shooting […]

Jan 15, 2014

Miami Times :: Part 7

By: Van Styles

For my final day I got to link up with Stephanie Rao for our shoot. I had extended my trip by one day for this, and had a feeling it was going to be good. I switched up hotels and was ready to go. We shot about 3-4 sets of pictures. With time to spare, […]

Jan 13, 2014

Photogenic :: Jessie Andrews

By: Van Styles

While down in L.A. for an event, I got a text from my buddy Jessie Andrews. She was seeing what I was up to, and after alerting her to my location, she spontaneously suggested, “Let’s shoot!” This is one thing I love about her. It shows you how her creative mind works. I headed over […]

Jan 12, 2014

Miami Times :: Part 6

By: Van Styles

Picking up where we left off with my Miami adventures, I didn’t go out one night, but instead fell asleep rather early. I woke up around 4:45 A.M. and couldn’t go back to slumberland. Rather than sit in my hotel room, I opted instead to go grab a early breakfast and catch a sunrise at […]

Jan 7, 2014

Test Shot :: Stephanie Rao

By: Van Styles

While on my trip to Miami last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Rao. She was initially brought to my attention by Iesha Marie. She had mentioned Stephanie was interested in shooting with me. Lucky for me, I bumped into her while out in Wynwood. Sometimes it’s hard to schedule a shoot when […]

Jan 6, 2014

Miami Times :: Part 5

By: Van Styles

For this next day in the Sunshine State, I had a shoot scheduled with my bud Iesha Marie. We had some time before we were to link up, so I opted to go out and shoot some flicks around the hotel. The whole point of going out of town is to get lost sometimes, since […]

Dec 31, 2013

Test Shot :: Amy-Jane Brand

By: Van Styles

Here we are with a new test shot segment for all of you. This time, it’s with Amy-Jane Brand. A beautiful blonde from Australia who, while traveling all over the U.S. for vacation, had contacted me about linking up and shooting. I love having the chance to work with people who are from different regions. […]

Dec 30, 2013

Miami Times :: Part 4

By: Van Styles

Part 4 of my trip to Miami is here and it is almost wrapping up. This day was a fun one, since I got to shoot with Nicole Mejia again. I believe you recently saw proof of the outcome from one of the sets of test shot segments with her. Well, here are some behind […]

Dec 27, 2013

Visual x Jayden Jaymes

By: Van Styles

One of the great parts of starting out a new brand is coming up with fun projects that you can work on and share with everyone. Along with that is when you can do these projects with your friends and create something that we’re all are proud of. Enter Jayden Jaymes. I have been friends […]

Dec 24, 2013

Miami Times :: Part 3

By: Van Styles

The new day started for me out in Miami. I set up a shoot with a Suicide Girl who goes by the name Kush, for obvious reasons. We scheduled a time for her to come over to my hotel room for a fun photo shoot. She was a lot shorter then I expected, but that […]

Dec 23, 2013

Selfie Sessions :: Christy Mack

By: Van Styles

Just when I thought I was all out of photos from my shoot with Christy Mack, I remembered I had her do a quick selfie session with my sony rx-100 MII. And with this being Monday and all, I figured it was very fitting to put these out today. So enjoy some selfies with Christy, […]

Dec 20, 2013

Miami Times :: Part 2

By: Van Styles

After getting settled into my hotel I was simply waiting on my brother from another mother Tim a.k.a. 13th Witness to get into town. I mean it makes the trip that much more fun to have of your good buds with you for some adventures. It also doesn’t hurt that we are both into photography […]

Dec 18, 2013

Photogenic :: Crystal Tillman

By: Van Styles

Back again with a new photogenic segment for all of you. This time it’s with the beautiful Miami resident Crystal Tillman. This was a set we did during her visit to L.A. a few months ago. Although it is has been a minute since we shot these photos, they remind me of how fun this […]

Dec 17, 2013

Miami Times :: Part 1

By: Van Styles

Basel time… I guess it can be compared to a grown up Spring Break. Here I was, on a Miami bound plane, headed for some fun in the sun and to create some new memories with my friends out there. I made the genius decision of booking a 6:00 a.m. flight the morning after The […]

Dec 13, 2013

Test Shot :: Nicole Mejia

By: Van Styles

Well, December is here, and we all know what’s to be expected: Holiday cheer, parties, family gatherings, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Aside from all the joyful usuals, it also means Art Basel went down in Miami. While a lot of people attended to check out the coolest and most creative offerings from a variety […]

Dec 5, 2013

Miami Times

By: Van Styles

As many of you know Art Basel is going on in Miami right now. I thought it would be a good reason to cruise out here and see what adventures I can get into. Stay tuned!

Dec 2, 2013

Photogenic :: Ellis Cooper

By: Van Styles

Not wanting to waste any good photo sets from this year I came across some pictures from when I had shot with Ellis during her stay here in the states over the summer. At the time we were pretty set on trying to get as many good photos as we could get outside. We were […]

Nov 28, 2013

Crooks x Monopoly

By: Van Styles

Well as you all have already seen via Bobby’s blog from a couple days ago that Crooks and Castles had a event at their newly opened store on Fairfax to celebrate their collaborative project with everyones favorite child hood game Monopoly. So since you already got the run down from the man himself I am […]

Nov 27, 2013

Photogenic :: Christy Mack

By: Van Styles

Holiday weeks are always hectic. So to help ease your stress I figured another photo set with the beautiful Christy Mack wouldn’t hurt. You can’t deny she looks bad as hell with that swimsuit on those sunglasses by IVI. Enjoy!  

Nov 22, 2013

Chrome L.A. Pop-Up

By: Van Styles

This evening will be the grand opening of Chrome Industries  pop-up shop located at 4357 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles,Ca to celebrate doing their thing for 20 years. Along with the opening they asked me to help curate some photos to be placed in the store for the time of the installation being up which […]

Nov 22, 2013


By: Van Styles

While out and about in the city it is very easy to get distracted to the point you don’t get a chance to say hi to everyone you want to. But this trip I made it a point to swing by Dave’s Wear House to say hello to the man himself. I first met Dave […]

Nov 20, 2013

Photogenic :: Francesca Aiello

By: Van Styles

It is amazing to see how many photos I have shot just in this year a lone. I am still digging through photos from this summer and seeing sets I should have put out months ago but due to the forward motion of blogging some have sat on the back burner. I think this set […]

Nov 19, 2013

N.Y. Mind State :: Part 2

By: Van Styles

My next day in N.Y. was mellow. Still excited about just being able to go outside and shoot life I hit the streets again. I found myself just roaming around SoHo while finding time to link up with Levi at The Hundreds store off  of Grand. I kicked it over there for a bit,chopped it […]

Nov 18, 2013

N.Y. Mind State :: Part 1

By: Van Styles

I recently had the good fortune and opportunity to go back to N.Y.C. at the end of October for a photo project. I can’t say too much about it but you will definitely be seeing images from it sooner then later. It means a lot to me that due to following what I love I […]

Nov 14, 2013

State of Mind

By: Van Styles

There are a lot of things to love about networking. Meeting new people, creating new friendships and having new opportunities. While visiting Las Vegas back in August for Agenda I had the opportunity to meet the good people of State Bicycle Co. through my pal Trash Hand. During our initial meet the idea came up […]

Nov 12, 2013

Test Shot :: Thalia Langarcia

By: Van Styles

What’s up everyone I am back with a new test shot segment for all of you. This time I am featuring Thalia Langarcia. While out on a recent trip to L.A. she and I got to link up for some shots. Being that she lives on the other side of the country when I knew […]

Nov 11, 2013

Spit Dillinger

By: Van Styles

Last friday, aside from being the end to another work week was also the night Alexander Spit was having a listening party for his upcoming release Dillinger releasing on 11/19/13. Using a store front located next to The Hundreds Rosewood store Alex set up shop with some limited t’s,a projector along with some refreshments making […]

Nov 5, 2013

Photogenic :: Jesse Lee

By: Van Styles

While out in N.Y.C. on one of my recent trips, I got a chance to link up again and shoot with the beautiful Jesse Lee. She offered to use her place as the location this time which I was all for. Sometimes the location can spark some great inspiration when it comes to shooting. After […]

Nov 1, 2013

24 in SF :: Part 3

By: Van Styles

After shooting around in the streets with Travis I had an opportunity to meet up with Ben McCosh and the good people of Chrome Industries at their HQ/Storefront. I have been a fan of their camera bags since they launched, and since then have learned a bit more about the brand as a whole. So […]

Oct 24, 2013

24 in S.F. :: Part 1

By: Van Styles

One of the perks of putting in hard work over time and following what you love is the pay off… that end result. To some it is financial ability to go out and buy luxury cars and jewelry, and to each his own. As long as it makes you happy then go for it. But […]

Oct 22, 2013

Mr. Evidence

By: Van Styles

There’s been a lot of good that’s come from the Internet and social media. When you take a step back and look at the big picture of how it connects people from all different types of backgrounds, it’s pretty amazing really. I’ve had a lot of good fortune and opportunities present themselves from Instagram in […]

Oct 18, 2013

Test Shot :: Theresa Ortiz

By: Van Styles

Sometimes you just have to be patient with things. In the end all things happen for a reason. This is the case with today’s test shot – Theresa Ortiz. The idea of linking up for a shoot was mutual, but with her on the east coast and I on the west it would all be […]

Oct 14, 2013

Photogenic :: Iesha Marie

By: Van Styles

While in Miami you may have noticed I got a chance to link up with my pal Iesha Marie, and shoot with her again. During my visit of the amazing Marine Stadium I felt it would be awesome to shoot someone here. Lucky for me Iesha had just texted me saying she was free to shoot while […]

Oct 11, 2013

Bump and Find

By: Van Styles

A good thing about meeting so many different types of people is when you bump into them when you least expect it. This happened just the other day when I was hanging out on Fairfax. I was sitting outside of Supreme and catching up with my good buddy Val when we both paused to see […]

Oct 9, 2013

Test Shot :: Ellis Cooper

By: Van Styles

There are some moments in life when you feel like the planets and stars align, and everything falls into place. I felt this way when I shot with Ellis Cooper. I was aware of her work, but since she is from across the pond I never thought I would have the chance. Maybe in the […]

Oct 7, 2013

Active SaMo

By: Van Styles

This past Friday night was the first in-store event for my brand V/SUAL at the Active store in Santa Monica, Ca. Active thought it would be a good idea to set-up a meet-and-greet with me and Tianna G, the feature model, to kickoff the Fall ’13 capsule collection. I was nervous about the event. I […]

Oct 4, 2013

Recap Miami :: Day 5

By: Van Styles

With my final day in Miami arriving I figured I had to make the most of it. So I began my morning by linking up with fellow I.G. photographer, Shane, to check out the beach and boardwalk. From there I had a shoot with Nicole Mejia. Now if you don’t know about her…. you better […]

Oct 4, 2013


By: Van Styles

For most people Friday is usually the happiest day of the week. To some it is payday, to others it is the end of a hellish work week, but for me this Friday is extra special. My brand V/SUAL will be having an in-store event at Active Santa Monica today from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. for […]

Oct 2, 2013

Recap Miami :: Day 4

By: Van Styles

This trip to Miami was a lot different then my past ones. I’m usually content with the current surroundings (it is South Beach) so long as I saw a photographic moment from time to time. But, not this trip. I had a spark to see unique and different things, and with Mayleen as my amazing […]

Oct 1, 2013


By: Van Styles

Whenever I am in Miami I make it a point to stop by and visit the good people of  M.I.A. skate shop in South Beach. I like coming here since it reminds me a lot of how skate shops (at least in my mind) in the 90′s use to be . Everything from the personalities behind the […]

Sep 30, 2013

Photogenic :: Christy Mack

By: Van Styles

I hope you all had a great weekend. I mean, how could you not with all the Sunday night entertainment that went down. Breaking Bad finale…. whoa. East Bound and Down Premier along with Boardwalk Empire. Definitely some enjoyable visuals went down last night. I figured I would attempt to keep that vibe rolling by […]

Sep 27, 2013

Recap Miami :: Day 3

By: Van Styles

Miami has a deep history with Art Deco.  From early films such as Scarface to current ones like Pain and Gain, it is evident Art Deco has a role in Miami. But, as it happens time takes its toll on the properties and some lose its touch, and the are demolished or built over. The exception is […]

Sep 25, 2013

Recap Miami :: Day 2

By: Van Styles

Apparently, September in Miami is still hurricane season. The weather was cloudy doom and gloom, while being nice and sunny just the day before. Luckily, I had a awesome guide to take me around and show me some spots that were still shootable. My buddy, Mayleen, had asked if I had ever been to the […]

Sep 24, 2013

Recap Miami :: Day 1

By: Van Styles

Well, for those of you who don’t follow my twitter or instagram I was out in Miami last week. The reason for going? None really, other then wanting to get out of L.A. and shooting some photos in a different setting. So I set out to the sunshine state and linked up with some friends […]

Sep 23, 2013

Test Shot :: Jordan Kelsey Knight

By: Van Styles

Happy Monday, everyone. I feel like this is a great segment to start off the new week. I mean who doesn’t mind looking at photos of a beautiful girl to get the day going? For this test shot piece I bring you Jordan Kelsey Knight. I have to admit she wasn’t initially on my radar […]

Sep 22, 2013

i5s Life

By: Van Styles

5:30 a.m. is a time of day not many people want to be up at. Actually, most people probably see this time when it involves a long commute to make their living. Me on the other hand I was up at this time for two reasons. I just got back from Miami and am still […]

Sep 19, 2013


By: Van Styles

Sorry for the lag of updates. I have been running around Miami on a shooting spree and will have some pretty cool posts coming up. So for now enjoy the photo below and stay tuned!

Sep 17, 2013

Decade Plus of DBC

By: Van Styles

This has been a pretty monumental year for some of my favorite skate/street wear brands. One of which is HUF. Along with The Hundreds this year, 2013, marks 11 years of hard work, commitment, and success for Keith and his crew. To celebrate Chris Garcia had organized a bit of a surprise event for this […]

Sep 13, 2013

Photogenic :: Christina

By: Van Styles

While out in N.Y. I had the pleasure of linking up and shooting with The Christina. We didn’t need to search far for a good location to work with since she recommended her high rise studio, with huge windows allowing for ample light to come in and help us create some imagery. I think her […]

Sep 12, 2013


By: Van Styles
Sep 9, 2013

Test Shot :: Natalia Barulich

By: Van Styles

Let’s start this Monday right with a new test shot segment. This time it is with Natalia Barulich. She had reached out to me via e-mail in regards to doing a test shoot. Given she travels quite a bit it took some time to set up the shoot, but we made it happen. We linked […]

Sep 6, 2013

Side Mission

By: Van Styles

Back on the left coast and already I find myself attending another amazing event in regards to photography via a invite from my buddy Jacob Rosenberg. Last night was the opening night at the Icon gallery off Wilshire Blvd. for the solo show of professional skateboarder turned acclaimed photographer Arto Saari. Showcasing various works from […]

Sep 5, 2013

Cruise Control

By: Van Styles

Sometimes when you are in a busy place like N.Y. you need to take a day to just cruise around. No agenda,no plans just see what happens. I started my day off as usual and my buddy Ray from Mighty Healthy hit me up so he cruised over with his cool kid Mason Six. We […]

Sep 4, 2013

Selfie Session :: Jesse Lee

By: Van Styles

I handed Jesse my Sony RX100 and asked her to shoot some selfies. And despite her explaining she’s not one really to take them (which I find hard to believe since practically every girl does it), she was nice enough to be a team player. Something about selfies just interest me… plus they’re fun, not […]

Sep 2, 2013

In the Streets :: N.Y.C.

By: Van Styles

One thing a lot of you probably don’t know about me is that I’m a huge fan of street photography. I think by nature I love to people watch, so I find it fascinating that one captures these moments that sometimes only they notice when shared with people. And if you’ve ever been to New […]

Aug 31, 2013

My Point of View Photo Show :: N.Y.C.

By: Van Styles

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to check out a photo show while in N.Y.C. – a group show featuring the works of some very talented people such as Dave Ortiz, Ricky Powell, Jason Goldwatch, Futura and 13th Witness. Held in a second story loft filled with people sweat-drenched and smiling. Everyone seemed to […]