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Apr 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

HopBox Home Brewing Kit – Brewing your own beer really isn’t all that difficult. With the right equipment you can be sipping your own swill in a matter of weeks. HopBox is a little home brew outfit that wants to help get you started. Everything you need to brew is housed in a stylish wooden […]

Apr 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Focusrite iTrack Dock – A sound studio can cost a ton of money, but technology is opening doors for anyone to make music. The new iTrack Dock from Focusrite allows you to simply lay down tracks with an iPad. The dock acts as your hub and allows you to connect everything from your guitar, microphone, or […]

Apr 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Cotopaxi – Besides existing as the stratovolcano in the Andes Cotopaxi has become the inspiration for an outdoor company in the United States. The goal of Cotopaxi (the brand, not the mountain) is to build superior outdoor equipment and selling it directly to the end user. A part of the proceeds then goes to help […]

Apr 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Pentax 645z – Technology is racing towards clarity and the next rung on the ladder is 4k content. Pentax’s new 645z has a 51.4 megapixel sensor that has incredible video shooting capabilities and a top ISO of 204,800. What makes this camera a game changer is that it costs two-thirds less than the competing Hasselblad […]

Apr 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Philips Norelco Laser Trimmer – If you are one of the lucky few to grow facial hair, then you owe it to the world to get a sweet chinstrap leprechaun. Shaping that sweet luscious beard is harder said than done, so Philips Norelco brings lasers to the world of trimming. The new T9285/41 9100 is a […]

Apr 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Pit Barrel Cooker – Hobos were onto something when they started cooking over a discarded barrel. It turns out the cylinder steel drum makes an excellent cooker. Its height allows for a powerful and constant heat that is great for cooking meats. You can use the pit barrel as a BBQ grill, smoker, or slow […]

Apr 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Chiefs Tobacco Bundle – Without the nicotine and the twenty or so added toxins, tobacco has a nice refreshing smell. Step into a fine cigar or pipe shop if you don’t believe me. Chiefs’ is blending the natural scent from tobacco with organic coconut oil, olive, and palm oil to make a premium soap and […]

Apr 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Earl Sweatshirt x Lakai – Most of the members of Odd Future have a history with skate, but it was Earl Sweatshirt’s friendship with Lakai team rider Nakel Smith that opened the doors to this recent project. Earl has always admired Lakai’s Camby for its minimalist silhouette; the boat shoe-inspired skate sneaker arrives in four […]

Apr 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Micro 3D Printer – Less than a year ago, the least expensive 3D printer was easily over $1,000. The cost barriers are quickly coming down and the Micro 3D printer may be purchased for as little as $199. The Micro 3D is made for the consumer market and small enough to fit on any desktop. […]

Apr 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Naked & Famous Scratch-N-Sniff Jeans – Denim elitist can get pretty annoying, so it’s nice to see that Naked & Famous is still looking to find fun in a good pair of jeans. After the success of their painted jeans and their glow-in-the-dark dungarees comes the new Scratch-N-Sniff. The Vancouver based company begins with 100% […]

Apr 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme x Dead Kennedys – For Spring 2014, Supreme honors the Dead Kennedys with a collaborative capsule collection. The San Francisco-based hardcore punk band disrupted the scene in 1978 and continued to spread their satirical morbid humor against the cookie-cutter eighties. With Reagan in there for two terms, everyone needed a little help from the […]

Apr 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Robert Crumb 1981 to 1997 – Having worked with Charles Bukowski to New York’s Supreme the American cartoonis Robert Crumb has had a prolific career. German publisher Zweitausendeins plans to release a six-book boxed set of Crumb’s work between 1981 to 1997. The illustrations are straight from Crumb’s personal sketchbook and was meticulously edited by […]

Apr 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

STREAMZ – The world’s first smart headphone comes with its very own WiFi and Bluetooth receiver; allowing it to be the first pair of headphones that plays Spotify and Pandora without your smartphone. STREAMZ also has an option for you to carry abound your own choice of music. Tucked into the headphones is a hard […]

Apr 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

fragment design x Oakley for the Pool Aoyama – High-end stores are plentiful in Japan and when the Pool opens up their new location in Aoyama, some exclusives have to be had. Maintaining the sunny pool theme are a pair of Oakley Frogskins designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design. The “Buena Vista” arrives in a […]

Apr 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

The Jordan Brand Playoff Pack - Inspired by clutch sport moments when athletes turned to black apparel and footwear to show they meant business, Jordan Brand unveils this year’s playoff pack. Lighter and stronger reinforcements are shown in the Super.Fly 2 PO with an injection TPU heel counter and full grain leather eyestay. The CP3.VII AE’s exposed dynamic […]

Apr 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Shwood x Louisville Slugger – Up to bat for April is a collaborative collection of sunglasses between Oregon’s Shwood and legendary Louisville Slugger. The Kentucky-based baseball bat maker has been supplying major leaguers for the last 130 years, and this rich ash wood is being tested across a series of frames. Look for the sunglasses […]

Mar 31, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

TAG Heuer Meridiist – In an effort to solidify its mark as a luxury brand, TAG Heuer’s Meridiist smartphone has the features that make it worlds apart from your iPhone. To start, the phone case is grade 5 titanium and the screen sits behind Sapphire crystal; two popular aspects of high-end timepieces. What is under […]

Mar 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Stussy x Baxter – Stussy has had some success with Baxter of California, and they plan to see if lightning can strike twice with a newly minted scent. This limited edition candle has a strong base in lime and chamomile, and blends in notes of patchouli and cedarwood. The result is a woodsy fragrance that […]

Mar 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Baracuta Japanese Specials – Baracuta didn’t just stop with 3XDRY when it came to collaborations. They went all the way to Japan to team up with three of Japan’s biggest clothiers. The special collection with Japan include custom entries from Beams, Ships, and Barney’s Tokyo. Each company had the opportunity to dress up the venerable […]

Mar 27, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

BaoHaus x Nike SB – Chinese buns have nothing to do with skating, but when the owner is entrenched in street culture it somehow all makes sense. Eddie Huang of Fresh off the Boat fame is also a restaurateur, and he is elevating BaoHaus onto a new level of popularity. The exclusive Nike Dunk High is […]

Mar 26, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Panasonic HX-A500 – GoPro has the action sports camera industry on lock, but it looks like Panasonic has something that will give the San Diego based company a run for their money. The new HX-A500 is a lightweight and durable camera that gives you the point-of-view perspective. This new camera takes what Panasonic does best […]

Mar 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

AAPE Travel Adapter – Retail sales is a tough business, and it’s good to see that A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is rewarding fans of their more affordable AAPE line. BAPE is including a limited travel adapter to any purchase over $200. The adapter can accommodate USB cables, and has all the major power outlets to […]

Mar 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

UNION “89″ Collection – Besides being home to some of the most exclusive streetwear brands in the world, UNION also has their own collection of apparel. The small collection was previously only available to the staff, but it has now made it onto shelves. The UNION “89″ collection includes heavyweight cotton T-shirts and hoodies. This […]

Mar 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

XLarge x Marvel Comics – Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just about to hit theaters to usher in a season of blockbusters, and they have XLarge joining the party. The streetwear label has licensed the All-American hero from Marvel Comics to create a capsule collection that include graphic T-shirts, cut-and-sew all over print short […]

Mar 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Starcow Instructor Hat – If you were thinking of borrowing Pharrell’s Elmer Fudd look, then good luck. The Mountain hat is vintage Vivienne Westwood, and you’ll need  Doc Brown to go back to 1983 to grab the hat. Thankfully you can keep your DeLorean in the garage because Starcow in Paris comes up with the […]

Mar 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Stussy x ALL GONE – ALL GONE has hit Paris, stopped by New York, and is now on its way to Japan. Stussy and Undefeated will play host to author Michael Dupouy, and will hold a book signing event with special DJ sets. To commemorate the event, Stussy will also be releasing a collaborative T-shirt […]

Mar 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Project Morpheus VR – First it was Oculus Rift on Kickstarter, then there were rumors about Gabe Newell and Steam going into virtual reality, but that’s enough conjecture because Sony just unveiled their foray into the world of VR. Project Morpheus VR is made to work hand-in-hand with the (spoiler alert) PlayStation 4, and the […]

Mar 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

TOMS Coffee – TOMS shoes has become the quintessential sneaker for the slacker hipster with its innovative donation program. That same type of philanthropy is coming to the world of coffee. TOMS Roasting Co. is all about giving, and each bag of coffee that is purchased means TOMS will donate a weeks worth of drinking […]

Mar 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mighty Healthy Spring 2014 – Besides celebrating their ten year achievement with special projects and collaborations, Mighty Healthy still has a Spring collection to release. For 2014, the company goes back to its roots as a skate company and has team riders Danny Montoya, Pete Eldridge, and Chris Colbourn take the new pieces for a […]

Mar 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

adidas Skateboarding x Krooked – Next up for the adidas Skateboarding Skate Copa campaign is skateboarding legend Mark Gonzales (Gonz). The talented artist and rider has been on the adidas team for a while and it is fitting that he is awarded with a U.S. national team jersey with the Krooked badge across the front […]

Mar 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Alexander McQueen Umbrella – The late great designer may have left the fashion world, but his penchant for skulls lives on through his brand. A new accessory for Alexander McQueen’s Spring and Summer collection is the simple black umbrella that is decorated with his signature skull for the handle. The skull is crafted from resin […]

Mar 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

3Sixteen USN 5-Panel – Since 3Sixteen’s departure from streetwear, the brand moved onto menswear with a clean and simple approach. Working with mills in Japan for their denim and sourcing shirt patterns in New York has somehow got them back to the tried and true 5-Panel camp cap. This accessory may be reminiscent of streetwear, […]

Mar 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mighty Healthy x Black Scale – What happens when the East Coast meets the West? Mighty Healthy has been a stalwart in the streetwear industry and takes their knack for the irreverent and combines it with the foreboding imagery of Black Scale. The collection contains a number of staples such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, and […]

Mar 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Santa Cruz Skateboards x Star Wars – What does Star Wars have to do with skateboarding? Beats me. Maybe Luke and Leia were closet shredders. Whatever the case may be, the Star Wars universe is now part of a line of Santa Cruz skateboards. The collection features five different-sized cruzers with each size featuring a […]

Mar 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

A Bathing Ape Reversible Rubber Coasters – Growing up means getting your own place, washing your own clothes, working a job, and using that money to buy stuff for the home. Spruce up that Ikea coffee table with some coasters from BAPE. The latest home accessory from this Japanese brand is a set of rubber […]

Mar 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Air Jordan 1 KO High “Chicago” – You’re probably saying how these came out last year. Well, they did. But, that was the leather version. This is the canvas version that Nike developed for those who would wear the Air Jordan 1 in the ring. The KO edition of the Air Jordan 1 retains the […]

Mar 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

HUF x Modernica – HUF’s success with skate and menswear has them looking toward extending their reach, and moving into lifestyle. The San Francisco-based HUF teams up with Los Angeles furniture manufacturer Modernica to create a HUF edition of the popular Fiberglass Shell Chair. The chairs are hand-shaped from fiberglass and use a very distinct […]

Mar 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Port Products from Travel Kit – Skip the bar soap by the hotel sink, and don’t even bother with the super smelly lotion. Traveling can be an ordeal already, and there is no point in running your skin through the ringer. Port Products has created a TSA-approved kit of traveling essentials. The kit comes with […]

Mar 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Freedom Pop Privacy Phone – Those looking to avert the eyes of the NSA can look no further than Freedom Pop. The small US based cellular company introduces the Privacy Phone, but it does come with a lot of compromises. The Privacy Phone is currently only available as a Galaxy SII, and a full year […]

Mar 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Kaufmann Mercantile Walnut Tool Box – Fixing things up around the house is hard. Here’s a little incentive from Kaufman Mercantile with a beautifully handcrafted tool box. This simple rectangular box is made out of reclaimed tropical Nogal, better known as Nicaraguan walnut. The tool box has a stackable two-compartment design with a top tray […]

Mar 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme x Playboy by Vans – Two brand collaborations are so passé, it’s all about the three-way projects for 2014. Supreme knows what’s up as it teams up with Vans again, but this time with the help of the Playboy bunny. Look for Spring and Summer to bring forth an all over print across the […]

Mar 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Grain Audio Passive Bookshelf Speakers – A good pair of speakers is complementary to any part of the house. However, something too modern or too bright comes off obtuse, and sticks out like a sore thumb. Grain Audio likes to keep things clean with the aesthetically pleasing Passive Bookshelf Speakers made from solid wood. The […]

Feb 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Sculpted Metal + Leather Bowl Chair – Are you a closet supervillain? Maybe you just like to feel like one. In either case, West Elm has developed a new chair that will have you laugh maniacally at ease. The new bowl chair is comprised of sculpted wrought iron that is twisted and gnarled to form […]

Feb 27, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Nike SB x Jordan Brand – With the demise of Nike 6.0 and Nike SB is looking to inject some energy into the brand by partnering up with Jordan Brand. To no surprise the teaser picture for the collaboration shows Nike SB poster child Paul Rodriguez in a pair of Air Jordan 1. The iconic […]

Feb 26, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Posters Otomo Katsuhiro x Graphic Design – The title for this book is a bit confusing. Here’s one word that will clear things up: AKIRA. Katsuhiro Otomo has largely been attributed to creating the adult graphic novel genre, and AKIRA was his first runaway hit. The book chronicles Otomo’s work through various posters and marketing […]

Feb 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Atelier Roberu – Japan’s inexhaustible search for quality allows room for brands like Roberu: small little enterprises with artisans crafting from vintage stock. This leather accessories-maker has opened up their own shop, and instead of just a storefront, the space is also home to a small workshop. Any visit to the store also means the […]

Feb 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Tanner Goods x Mazama Wares – Tanner Goods has come a long way from slinging vegetable-tanned belts off of SuperFuture and Hypebeast forums. The Portland-based brand expands into home goods and has found a willing partner in Japan’s Mazama Wares. Using a clay body, these ceramic cups are later finished off with a speckled tan […]

Feb 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

The Fixie Pizza Cutter – The run of the mill pizza cutter just doesn’t cut it any more. Get it? Cut it. I’m here six days a week. Anyways, this new pizza cutter is updated for your favorite handle-bar mustache hipster. In lieu of the usual brown wooden handle and circular blade, the Fixie Pizza Cutter has […]

Feb 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

LaCie 2big – It’s hard figuring out which movies to toss, or which set of pictures to delete. You don’t have to do a damn thing according to LaCie and their new 2big. This standalone cube arrives with five shelves, each one holding a terabyte. If five terabytes are not enough, then you can switch […]

Feb 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

P.A.M. x SUPER – Australian label P.A.M. looks to vintage eyewear for their new “Helianthus” collection with Italy’s SUPER. The collection features SUPER’s recognizable Ciccio and Paloma silhouettes, and will have P.A.M. providing a healthy pop of color throughout with a marijuana leaf print. Besides the bold print, the lenses reveal “PSY LIFE” when you […]

Feb 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Danner x Beckel – The wet weather and lush greenery in the Pacific Northwest has led to a slew of outfitting companies. Danner and Beckel both hail from Portland and they team up for a collaborative line of Danner Lights. The boots use Beckel’s famous 10-ounce canvas on the quarter panels and combine it with […]

Feb 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Herschel Supply Co. x Kevin Butler – The good people over at Herschel Supply Co. recently teamed up with California artist Kevin Butler on one of his previous creations for Rad Surfboards. The collection comprises of four bags that come with the familiar car motif used across the interior lining. The exterior of the bag […]

Feb 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme Spring/Summer 2014 – Twenty years ago Supreme opened their doors to the transient skaters scattered across New York. With no skate experience of his own, James Jebbia was still firmly dedicated to skate culture, and the Spring and Summer collection is business as usual. The lookbook is modeled by skater Jason Dill and includes […]

Feb 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch – World travelers will appreciate the ability to tell time whenever you land, and what time wherever you just flew from. Seiko accomplishes all of these functions with their latest Astron GPS solar watch. The timepiece comes with its very own GPS system and automatically adjusts the time for your […]

Feb 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Carhartt WIP x Carve Wicked – The people behind Carve Wicked believe that skating is a way of life. The crew is made up of skaters around the world that have an appreciation for the arts. This mindset is the centerpiece for a collaboration project with Carhartt WIP as the two brands create a collectible […]

Feb 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mishka Spring 2014 – Mishka continues to deliver their own brand of style with the release of their Spring 2014 collection. Centering the collection are the familiar collegiate, prep, athletic, and military inspirations with new graphics and wild prints. Look for knits, wovens, and button-downs arriving with bold patterns and mystic iconography. The collection will […]

Feb 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

A Bathing Ape “Type 16 BAPEX” – Following the sporty look of the Submariner-esque BAPEX is the newly minted “Type 16 BAPEX.” The timepiece is modeled after Rolex’s popular “GMT Explorer II” and arrives with a stainless steel case and bracelet. The date window is featured at three with the bezel offering 24-hour time telling. […]

Feb 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

colette x Panasonic – Parisian boutique colette teams up with Panasonic to release a special edition of the ultra compact GM1. The micro 4/3 interchangeable lens camera has an aluminum body that is wrapped in colette signature blue alligator print leather. The camera also comes with a blue lens cap and blue detailing across the […]

Feb 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mammut “Avalanche Airbag” – Those that enjoy their winter sports know that getting stuck in the snow is no joke. With heavy snowfall across the US, staying safe requires advancements featured in Mammut’s new winter backpack. The daypack is capable of holding an entire day’s worth of goods and has a U-shaped aluminum frame for […]

Feb 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Reigning Champ x Deus Ex Machina – With Deus Ex Machina’s expertise with motorcycles it seems strange they would make any apparel outside of leather, but exceptions are made when you have Reigning Champ from Canada calling. The two brands converge on a collection of fleece outerwear. Expect the requisite hoody along with an all […]

Feb 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

BROKEN HOMME Leather Goods – BROKEN HOMME has earned a reputation for being one of the good guys. Their popular boots are 100% made in the good ‘ole US of A, and now they take aim at leather goods with a collection of belts and key chains. The leather accessories are crafted with a simple, […]

Feb 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

CLOT x Medicom – With Chinese New Year still being celebrated and Valentine’s just days away, Hong Kong’s CLOT is looking to kill two birds with one stone. Due out soon is a pair of Bearbricks from Medicom Japan. The collectible toys are dressed in traditional Chinese qipaos (a staple around this time of year) […]

Feb 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Asics “Gel Lyte III” – A great runner isn’t just perfect for the road, but pulls double duty and ready for the streets. The “Gel Lyte III” from Asics does that quite well and the latest iteration for the season is inspired by the great outdoors. Using earthy tones, the uppers are a mix of […]

Feb 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

New Balance “Blue Tab” Collection – New Balance has a stronghold for sneaker fans who appreciate the vintage runners, but that doesn’t mean they skip research and development all together. The new “Blue Tab” collection is all about performance with models that are sleek and svelte; combining technical uppers, fused seams, 3M detailing, with comfortable […]

Feb 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Leatherman “Hail” Snowboard Tool – Even with the abysmal snow conditions in Southern California in full force there is plenty of pow across the US, and Leatherman looks to attract new customers with their “Hail” snowboard tool. Leathermans are known to do it all, and the “Hail” is no different with its svelte design. It’s […]

Feb 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Staple Spring 2014 – Staple founder Jeff Staple has remarked that the overall theme for the Spring season is that “opposites attract.” The combining and contrasting of varying themes brings forth a collection that includes athletic pieces ranging from satin team jackets and hooded fleece, to workwear that feature durable textiles and bright bold prints. […]

Jan 31, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

A Bathing Ape 1st Camo Shark Ape Sta – The classic silhouette of the Converse All-Star lives in basketball lore for its simple design and its smooth lines. A Bathing Ape takes the shape for their “Ape Sta” high cut sneaker and adds two of their popular design cues. The iconic 1st Camo print is […]

Jan 30, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Stone Island Shadow Project Spring/Summer 2014 – With the winter cold winding down Stone Island shows what is in store for their Shadow Project line for Spring and Summer. The Italian clothier continues to experiment with new looks through the Shadow Project with a collection inspired by vector lines and geometric angles. With architecture as […]

Jan 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

SUPER x Carhartt WIP – SUPER takes its talents to Carhartt WIP as the two brands converge for an extensive collection of sunglasses. The style of SUPER may not fit the Carhartt work wear theme, but the Italian brand whips up a collection that combines an essence of the street with refined style. The sleek […]

Jan 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Black Scale Spring 2014 – On the tails of their subterfuge theme is the latest Black Scale collection for Spring 2014. This bay area staple tacks on the foreboding elements through a collection of T-shirts, athletic fleece, outerwear, and accessories. Using dark camouflage, color blocking, all-over paisley, and other bold prints the collection carries on […]

Jan 27, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

atmos x Columbia – With wet and cold winters a heavy duty outershell is absolutely necessary, and Columbia’s rich tradition with technical fabrics have them being tapped for a new atmos exclusive. This project has the Japanese sneaker outlet looking to add some color into their collection with a custom “Atmosphere” splatter pattern. This lightweight […]

Jan 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Stussy x Patta for Pigalle – Stussy and Patta take some time off from their busy collaboration to work on a special project with Pigalle in Paris. The three-way collaboration will yield a long sleeve T-shirt with a back graphic inpspired by Public Enemy, and created by artist Vincent van de Waal. The long sleeve […]

Jan 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

NEXUSVII x Loopwheeler – Loopwheeler has been enlisted for NEXUSVII once again this winter season. Loopwheeler’s talent lies with creating beautiful fleece that is weaved on vintage looms, and NEXUSVII has requested a beautiful navy marbled textile. This luxurious textile will be used on a cotton fleece hoodie that is highlighted by a thick shawl […]

Jan 23, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Lafayette x STASH – Japan based streetwear brand Lafayette borrows heavily from the street scene of New York. Besides naming the brand off of a famous street in Manhattan the Japanese label has taken on a collection with New York based graffiti legend STASH. Using elements of blue and white STASH creates a custom camouflage […]

Jan 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

In4mation Winter 2014 Collection – When your home base is the beautiful island of Oahu winter means something a little different. Inf4mation shows off what they have in store for Winter 2014 and it’s a whole lot of smooth island groove. The collection centers around familiar In4mation logos with fresh new colors, the use of […]

Jan 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Grahame Fowler Urban Watch Roll – Jet-setters know that you can’t roll into a new city with just that one watch on your wrist. To properly accessorize there is the watch roll; a canvas accessory companion that can hold up to six watches. Grahame Fowler in New York has decided to dress up their collection […]

Jan 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme Spring Summer 2014 – With the Winter and Fall season currently on sale streetwear fans of Supreme are hotly anticipating the Spring and Summer release. The New York skate store revealed a teaser of what is to come for the upcoming warmth. Expect to see a new project with Playboy in the form of […]

Jan 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Saturdays Surf x Porter – With only a few years under its belt New York-based label Saturdays Surf has been a leader in menswear, and their brand continues to grow with a new accessories collection courtesy of Porter. The Japanese accessory maker create a simple and clean collection comprising of a classic tote, laptop bag, iPad case, […]

Jan 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x XLarge – It seemed only yesterday that Vanilla Ice was singing and dancing with Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) are no longer adolescents with a half-shell, and turns 30 this year with XLarge helping with the celebration. Look for the famous XLarge gorilla woven […]

Jan 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Billionaire Boys Club x Jay z – It’s not like Jay Z needs any help with his platinum “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” but Billionaire Boys Club is releasing a special collaborative T-shirt. Using a graphic inspired by Jay Z’s previously released “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” album the T-shirt also offers co-branding. Look for the T-shirts to […]

Jan 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Barbour International x Deus Ex Machina – Deus Ex Machina’s pursuit of everlasting goods has them teaming up with the United Kingdom’s Barbour. The motorcycle hardware company has had its list of elite collaborators, and now they have Barbour creating a capsule collection filled with archival knits and jackets. The collection is due out for […]

Jan 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Stussy x Patta – Following the teaser pictures from earlier, Stussy and Patta finally unveil the lookbook for their special collaboration. The project was created to commemorate Patta’s ten years in the menswear industry and has Stussy iconography blended with the Amsterdam-based retailer’s logo. The collection is set to feature co-branded streetwear staples as well […]

Jan 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Levi’s Premium Goods – As a major producer of menswear Levi’s looks to segmentation to fulfill the needs to its loyal fans. The “Premium Goods” collection has been a cornerstone of quality and style for the century old denim company. For the 2014 Spring and Summer season the collection centers around navy and blue with […]

Jan 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

wings+horns x nanamica x Ace Hotel – With the rough winters in Vancouver wings+horn has been a god-send. Having been a supplier of quality fleece for ten years wings+horn is looking to collaborate with nanamica and Ace Hotel on a special edition Gore-Tex parka. The jacket is based off of nanamica’s “Cruiser” jacket and combined […]

Jan 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Douk-Douk Pocketknife – If it’s good for the French Foreign Legion, then it’s got to be good enough for opening up the occasional Amazon package. The Douk-Douk pocketknife has been manufactured since 1929 and is trusted for its easy use and its ability to hold a sharp edge. The Douk-Douk has been traditionally made in […]

Jan 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

The Simpsons LEGO Set – Recreate hilarious scenes from the classic animated TV series with The Simpsons™ House. Taken right out of Springfield, this amazing model is crammed with tons of LEGO® brick detail. Lift off the roof and open up the house to discover Homer and Marge’s big family bedroom including bed and Maggie’s […]

Jan 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

CLOT x P.A.M. – Hong Kong streetwear is looking south to create a new collaborative project. Edison Chen and Kevin Poon’s CLOT teams up with Perks And Mini (P.A.M.) for a “Polygon” capsule collection that stems from P.A.M.’s earlier series. The collection comprises of crewnecks, shorts, and pants that use the interesting color blocking pattern. […]

Jan 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Vizio “Reference” Series – Vizio created a name for itself by being the affordable alternative to the big LCDs and LEDs, but with CES roaring in Vegas the company announces their new “Refernce” series. This is a challenge to the Sonys and Samsungs as Vizio aims at the 4K market with screens starting at 65″ […]

Jan 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Been Trill x Hood by Air – Don’t adjust your monitors. That blur is an intentional design from the latest collaborative project between Hood By Air and Been Trill. These New York bases brands have enjoyed success in the past and the “Emoji 100″ T-shit uses a pixelated graphic across the front and back. In addition […]

Jan 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

elBulli in Roses – Those who have a culinary skill and want to skip the expensive bill can pickup recipes from the famed Michelin three star restaurant in Roses, Spain. Ferran Adrià, considered by many to be one of the best chefs in the world, presents a massive collection of 700 recipes between 2005 to […]

Jan 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

RAINS Spring/Summer 2014 – Copenhagen knows a thing or two about wet weather so even when Spring and Summer should mean clear skies RAINS knows to have a couple of versatile weather pieces. Look for the Danish label to offer a collection with an array of featherweight parkas, snap-button trench jackets, and pullovers. This key pieces […]

Jan 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

SBTG x mita sneakers x New Balance – mita sneakers is a mecca in Japan’s sneaker scene and has been collaborating with New Balance for years. The two brands plan to turn things up with the help of Singaporean sneaker customizer/artist SBTG for a unique twist on the MRT580SM. Using a few panels for a […]

Jan 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Reigning Champ x Beauty & Youth – Spring and Summer 2014 not only means warmer weather, but it’s also a chance to get a new wardrobe. Canadian athletic brand Reining Champ is teaming up with Japan’s Beauty & Youth for a new capsule collection of casual sweats. The collection has been dubbed the “Neon Terry” […]

Dec 31, 2013


By: Peter Yeh

Stussy x Looney Tunes – Since the 1930′s the wacky characters from the Warner Brothers studio has been entertaining kids and adults alike. The Looney Tunes is a Saturday morning staple and has recently been tapped by Stussy for a capsule collection. Bugs Bunny and the gang will be used across a series of T-shirts […]

Dec 30, 2013


By: Peter Yeh

White Mountaineering Bandana Print – Japan’s White Mountaineering plans to ring in the new year with a couple of store exclusives that use the classic bandana print. This custom pattern will be used across a goose down vest, along with a tote bag made with the help of Porter. The pieces come in a matching […]

Dec 28, 2013


By: Peter Yeh

Denim x Ace Boots – Self Edge created a passion for artisan denim from the ground up with dedication to authenticity. Their appreciation and passion for denim turns to other work wear essentials as the San Francisco based retailer teams up with Ace Boots for a low-cut black Engineer boot. The small Los Angeles based […]

Dec 27, 2013


By: Peter Yeh

Band of Outsiders x Kaweco – Supreme isn’t the only menswear label that has contacted Kaweco for a ballpoint pen. Los Angeles based Band of Outsiders is looking to one of the oldest pen companies to create an exclusive ballpoint pen for their flagship store in Tokyo. The pen arrives with a transparent case and […]

Dec 26, 2013


By: Peter Yeh

Incase iPhone Leather Pouch – Incase has set itself apart from accessory makers with their innovative use of plastic, but the SoCal based brand experiments with leather for their latest release. Combining a wallet with a protective case is the new Incase leather pouch that has a main compartment for your iPhone 5 or 4, […]

Dec 25, 2013


By: Peter Yeh

Lexdray 2013 Collection – 2013 isn’t over just yet and Lexdray takes the opportunity to show off a bit more from their Fall and Winter 2013 collection. With the use of premium ballistic nylon, shock-absorbing fleece, and military-grade hardware the bags are ready for war, and can easily manage the damage from jet-setting. The lookbook […]

Dec 24, 2013


By: Peter Yeh

Ronnie Fieg x PUMA – With 2013 coming to an end a cursory glance has shown that it was Ronnie Fieg’s year. Collaborations ran the gamut for the sneaker enthusiast and it all culminates with a new PUMA project. As part of a limited 20-piece project for men’s fashion week in Paris is an exclusive […]