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Dec 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Legacy Cardholder – Those that appreciate a minimalist silhouette will appreciate the sleek look of one of Tanner Goods’ best selling products. The Legacy Cardholder has been on a short hiatus, and it is back for the Holidays as part of the Dublin Collection. Using premium Horween leather from the famed Chicago tannery, the wallet […]

Dec 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Creed Atomizer – I only know of Creed because, according to my friend, “they never go on sale.” Obviously, this message is relayed to me every time Creed is on sale, but I did learn that this century old perfumery makes some really nice scents. Now they’ve made a atomizer so that you can take […]

Dec 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Cypress by HAVEN – With their incredible selection of menswear, it is finally time for HAVEN to create their own in-house brand. Cypress takes notes from many of HAVEN’s more expensive labels and firmly integrates technical fabrics with the modern and slim silhouette. HAVEN kicks things off with a series of button-downs and outerwear that […]

Dec 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mission Workshop Sansom Workshirt – The workshirt is the do anything, go anywhere button-down that has been recently overhauled by the people at Mission Workshop. They took this utility shirt and ditched the canvas and twill in favor of Turkish stretch cotton from Germany’s Schoeller. The Sansom is coated with NanoSphere to shield it from […]

Dec 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Oliver Sweeney x Johnnie Walker – Here’s what you get when you have money and too much time on your hands. You think of ways of concealing a miniature bottle of whiskey into a classic men’s shoe. Johnnie Walker tries their hand at shoemaking by enlisting Oliver Sweeney. The two have created a beautiful brogue […]

Dec 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

White Mountaineering Winter Gloves – Mountain Engineering has the winter jackets and coats on lock, and now they’re looking to keep your digits warm too. The new winter gloves by this innovating Japanese outfitter arrives with Primaloft fleece that is further insulated by Primaloft insulation. The gloves also feature fingertips that allow you to control […]

Dec 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Kitsbow Cycling Jean – I honestly think all jeans are for cycling, but according to Kitsbow, there is a difference. The rigidness in jeans are great for durability, but can hamper a cyclists’ constant peddling. Kitsbow solves this by adjusting the traditional jean by re-shaping the knee, added room in the thighs, and throw in […]

Dec 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Roots XI Polartec Sweatpants – The storm last week in SoCal really got me looking for warmer sweatpants, and in my search I found a nice pair from Roots. The Canadian brand has decided to skip the typical fleece and upped the game with some synthetic Polartec. The quick-drying and lightweight material has proven itself […]

Dec 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Nike Air Flight Lite High – I remember these things in all black and prayed that Mervyn’s carried them. That was the only place my mom would buy me shoes, but unfortunately, they didn’t make its way to the discounter. Seeing them on Scottie Pippen and then Sydney from White Men Can’t Jump only made […]

Dec 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Altru Apparel Tri-Blend Sweatpants – Sweatpants are the underrated heroes of any man’s weekend. They’re perfect for lounging in, but sadly all those muted colors keep it from venturing outside of your living room, gym, or Whole Foods. Enter Altru Apparel and their wild and wacky sweats. Using a soft tri-blend cotton, the sweats are […]

Dec 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Unionmade Tartan Collection – San Francisco’s Unionmade likes to stay with the dark muted colors, but with Christmas coming, the store and brand is getting into the festive spirit. The Tartan collection dresses up some menswear essentials with the historically Scottish textile. Using an array of Tartan patterns, Unionmade starts with button-down shirts and outerwear […]

Dec 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Casio Kawaii Selfie Camera – For the self-obsessed, the “selfie” isn’t just a photograph, it is a lifestyle. Casio totally understands and with that they’ve created one of the most narcissistic products in recent history–Kawaii Selfie Camera. First off it looks just like another mirror you would find in a women’s purse. There isn’t a lens […]

Dec 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Freeman’s Sporting Club x Hodinkee – With Hodinkee’s affinity for timepieces, they weren’t going to just anyone for a sport coat. The watch enthusiasts sought out Freeman’s Sporting Club and together they created a luxurious jacket made from 7.5oz worsted cashmere wool. The resulting sport coat is lightweight and extremely warm, and Hodinkee requested a […]

Dec 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

adidas Racer Lite – The one thing that makes adidas can also be the thing that makes me despise it. The three stripes can get annoying, but this latest Racer Lite got it all the way right. The subtle three stripes do not detract from the overall slim silhouette of the runner. The combination of […]

Dec 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Norse Projects Thor Coat – Norse Projects has been churning out quality projects for a few seasons now, and with their wet winter weather brewing, they kick things off with a battle-ready raincoat. The Thor starts by sourcing the finest wool from Loro Piana and then treats this fine Merinco wool with the latest lamination […]

Nov 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Volcom TD2 Snow Jacket – Here’s a little known fact for those that don’t snowboard: Volcom makes solid winter gear. They may be better known as a surf company, but Volcom is legit when it comes to protecting your ass from inclement weather. The TD2 Snow jacket is the latest shell that comes between you […]

Nov 26, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Lexdray 2014 – Lexdray is taking travelling accessories to heart, and their latest photoshoot really shows that they take jet-setting seriously. Lexdray is renowned for their approach with quality Cordura and the Beijing duffle is one of those bags that is ready for everything you throw at it. The traditional sports bag design is updated […]

Nov 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Shwood RX Collection – Shwood’s approach to wooden sunglasses is expanding into prescription eyewear. The Oregon based accessories maker will now be offering the all-wood Belmont and Canby in three different finishes for your prescriptive needs. The Eugene will also be available for those that want a frame that blends wood and metal. All three […]

Nov 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Sneaker News – Print is not dead, and Sneaker News is proving that they can take their dynamic online presence and create a premium magazine. Sneaker News Volume 1 is everything a sneakerhead dream of with its artistic photographs of rare, and upcoming sneakers. LeBron James graces the cover, and the print media is filled […]

Nov 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Simply Gum – If we go through all that trouble to eat organic and be gluten free, then why are we so quick to put chemically laden gum into our mouths? Simply Gum is thinking the same thing, and making an all natural gum for all those heath nuts out there. The gum is the […]

Nov 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Nike SB x Poler – Poler has a solid reputation got making stuff that lasts, and their attention to durability has them working with Nike SB this holiday season. Instead of just a one-off colorway, this project will include a slew of items that stretch from apparel to an entire library of shoes. From work-inspired […]

Nov 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Volcom Smithington – With the winter season upon us, Volcom heads to Alaska to show off their latest winter boot. The Smithington is made to hold up against the most inclement weather and Volcom throws on some supple full grain leather to get that durable upper. The metal eyelets and a thick rubber outsole ensures […]

Nov 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Penfield x Saucony – Saucony has a real winner on their hands for the cold Fall and Winter. Working with fellow Boston-based outfitter Penfield, the classic Shadow returns with an updated look. The runner pays homage to the classic 60/40 jackets that blended nylon and cotton, and arrive with a subtle nod to hiking with […]

Nov 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme x The North Face – You can always count on a project between the New York brand and this California-based outfitter every season. Last time it was a map with some flags, and this time it’s all about paisley. Look for this classic print to be featured across the tried-and-true Mountain Parka along with […]

Nov 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Epaulet Shawl Collar Horsehide Bomber – One of the classic silhouettes of a leather jacket is the bomber. For nearly a century, all of the finest pilots have been caught in this thing, and Epaulet is flipping the script. The shape remains largely the same, but this time Epaulet throws in a shawl collar. Traditionally […]

Nov 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Field Notes Ambition Edition – Taking notes never looked so good. The new Ambition Edition from Field Notes uses a flurry of classic book colors such as olive, wine, and chocolate across their pocket-ready notebooks. Look closely, and you’ll see they are lightly specked and feature a gold embossed cover. Each notebook color corresponds to […]

Nov 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Element Solace – With the high price of smartphones, you have to be pretty dim not to protect it with a case. While there are tons to choose from, there really hasn’t been anything that shields your phone, and gives it a little bit of style. Element’s Solace promises to do just that. Instead of […]

Nov 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Spy x The Seventh Letter – Spy optics had a winner with their Platoon goggles, but adding The Seventh Letter to one of their best selling goggles is just a big plus. The Platoon offers a wide-angle view with its oversized lenses, and around the frame, you’ll find the art work of Dabs Myla, a […]

Nov 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Woojer – There’s nothing that compares to the live concert experience, but Woojer is getting pretty close. Stereo systems and headphones cannot replicate the low frequency vibrations, but the Woojer can. At the size of a matchbox, the Woojer pumps out vibrations that matches whatever you are listening to. The physical bass sensation is akin […]

Nov 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

K2 Ultra Split – In the pantheon of snowboards, K2 is not mentioned in the same esteem as Burton, LibTech, or Saloman. That may change with K2′s new Ultra Split; a snowboard that is made to do it all. This All-Mountain board has the new Kwicker binding system; one of the easiest and quickest ways […]

Nov 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Vans Half-Cab Tobacco – Nike recently borrowed the classic wheat colorway from Timberland on a series of their classics, but it’s the Half-Cab from Vans that has really caught my attention. The vintage half-cut skate sneaker doesn’t just undergo a color change, Vans also updating the materials. This special Tobacco colorway will use suede and […]

Nov 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Byrd Pomade – Those that have longer hairstyles will appreciate what Byrd is pushing out. The California-based company has a line of pomades that are made from all-natural ingredients. Byrd does an outstanding job of holding your hair in place, but these added natural ingredients also protect hair from sun damage, along with saltwater. The […]

Nov 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Jones Snowboards Mountain Surfer – Ripping waves and carving down a mountain look pretty similar, but to anyone who surfs or snowboards, they could not be further apart. Snowboarding relies on rigid footing to shred into snow, while surfing is all about maintaining your balance by moving and shifting your feet. Jones Snowboards believes there […]

Nov 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Logitech Keys-To-Go – Tablets are nice, but when you need to do office stuff, the lack of a keyboard makes them nearly useless. While there are cases with built in keyboards, the whole thing seems cumbersome until now. Logitech’s Keys-To-Go is a responsible QWERTY keyboard in a tiny package. The travel ready keyboard allows for […]

Oct 31, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Best Made Submariner Socks – The Submariner is usually a reference to the Rolex dive watch, but Best Made wants you to think about premium socks. Crafted from a heavy blend of virgin American wool, the socks are built to MIL-S-405H military specifications. This means they were designed for extreme cold weather and can endure […]

Oct 30, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Kodak PixPro SP360 – Kodak is a name that hasn’t been heard in a while, but there is no denying this brand’s pedigree in the world of photography. The new PixPro SP360 wants a piece of the GoPro market and believes offering a wide angle view will hook buyers. The camera has a front-facing camera […]

Oct 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Montblanc Extreme Leather Collection – Montblanc has a way with refinement, and after centuries of making the finest accessories, the company is examining a collection that is less about class, and more about durability. The new Extreme Leather collection is about daily goods that challenge the test of time. The premium black calfskin arrives with […]

Oct 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Tanner Goods x Maak Lab – Tanner Goods has always been known to be good when it comes to leather, but as the brand grows, so has their line up. After a successful run of soaps, Tanner Goods look to their Portland neighbors Maak Lab on a home candle. Chateau is a scent that is […]

Oct 27, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Lunatiq Aquatik – You spent half your paycheck on your new iPhone 6, but unfortunately the latest upgrade doesn’t come waterproof. Instead of buying a case the size of a brick, the Lunatik Aquatik is a slimmer alternative. The slim profile of the case protects it from shock, dust, and water. In fact, you can […]

Oct 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Topo x Woolrich – Topo’s appreciation for classic outdoor design has helped them gain popularity in a competitive accessories industry. For the winter season, the Colorado-based outfitter looks to blend their design with classic Woolrich wool. Comprising of three bags, the collection uses popular Topo silhouettes and integrates 100% Woolrich wool with tough and durable […]

Oct 23, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Best Made Lambswool Sweater – The leaves are turning, and winter is right around the corner. And, that means that finding right sweater will solve countless sartorial problems. Best Made strongly believes in the philosophy of durable goods and their sweater is worthy of mention. The Best Made crew head all the way to Scotland […]

Oct 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Gitman Bros. for Unionmade – The white shirt is the quintessential staple, but getting the right one can take a lifetime. How can something so simple be so hard? Fit. The fit needs to be crisp and flattering, and Gitman Bros. may have an handle on this. These guys from New York know a thing […]

Oct 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Club Monaco x Saucony – Saucony is on a collaborative roll. After some notable projects with ALIFE and Bodega, the Pennsylvania-based company teams up with Club Monaco. Aaron Levine, Club Monaco’s Creative Director, chose to focus on his favorite runner and the collaborative Jazz Low Pro Courageous is born. The collection arrives in an array […]

Oct 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

ThirtyTwo Ultralight 2 – With winter just around the bend, it’s time to start assembling the perfect set-up. ThirtyTwo has offered solid boots in the past, and now the Ultralight 2 seeks to be the industry’s lightest. The clunky rubber soles have been replaced by ThirtyTwo’s proprietary High Density Evolution Foam. Besides significantly reducing the […]

Oct 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

In4mation Fall 2014 – Forged over ten years ago, In4mation began with the idea of bringing streetwear to Hawaii. In the process, they brought their own flavor of island culture to the mainland. The journey doesn’t stop there, and In4mation is reinvigorated for the fall season with a collection that draws from the days of […]

Oct 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

nanamica x Baracuta - When it comes to classic jacket shapes, the Baracuta G-9 is near the top of the list. This windbreaker silhouette with flap pockets is back again and Japan’s nanamica decides to throw in some color. The traditionally muted jacket is upgraded with a camouflage pattern that comes waterproof thanks to Gore-Tex. The […]

Oct 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Moncler for Leica – Moncler doesn’t know much about photography, but it does know luxury. They have been enlisted by Leica to create a special edition of the X 113. The pricey camera is wrapped in Moncler’s signature red, white, and blue stripes, and features a large APS-C sensor with a 16 megapixel, and a […]

Oct 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Ryobi Phone Works Tools – Your iPhone already has over 1,000,000 apps, and now there are a few more that are made for the weekend warrior. If your Saturdays are met with trips to Lowes and Home Depot, then you already know the brand Ryobi. The power tools maker is offering a suite of tools […]

Oct 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Juniper Ridge Trail Resin Cologne – The outdoors is the inspiration for Juniper Ridge’s colognes and four of their more popular scents are now available in a travel size. These oil-based fragrances are solid and packed into a pocket-friendly half ounce tin can. A couple of dabs of the oil should do the trick; they’re […]

Oct 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Aether Crest Jacket and Wilderness Ski Pants – Aether’s been hard at work designing technical pieces for the city, but now they’ve taken some time to create a package for that weekend get-away. The Crest jacket and Wilderness ski pants have the trusted Aether DNA, and arrive with the utmost attention to detail. The Crest […]

Oct 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Re Camera – After reinvigorating their line of smartphones, HTC is taking aim at GoPro. The new Re Camera is an easy-to-use lifestyle camera that makes capturing video and photos on-the-go a snap. With its 16MP sensor, the camera shoots photos with a push of a button, and holding the button down starts video recording. […]

Oct 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Tivoli Music System Three – Tivoli built a reputation for themselves by being pint-sized and still packing a punch. The Model One has been filling rooms with music for decades and now the System Three wants to be the perfect entertaining companion. The System Three foregoes the usual diminutive size and measures in at nearly […]

Oct 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Chrome Warm Vest – Chrome has been making heavy duty bags for cycling fanatics for a while now, and they have now turned their expertise to apparel. The new Chrome Warm Vest is made for those that need to endure the cold. This heavy-duty vest arrives with a diamond quilted pattern that is filled with […]

Oct 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Tailfeather Canvas Camo Bag – Taifeather hails from down south. Way down south, like Australia. They’ve been making bags for a while now and for their latest project they take camouflage used by the Australian army and implement it across the Treecreeper and the Snipe. The Treecreeper is a daypack with a slim profile that […]

Oct 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Kilimanjaro LED Carabiner – Here’s a big burly carabiner that’ll come in handy during emergency situations. This mammoth 6 inch caarabiner isn’t just for clipping and attaching your keys, it also comes with a powerful LED flashlight. Attached to one side of the carabiner is a swiveling LED flashlight with 120 lumens. This is the […]

Oct 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Shure – It seems there is a luxury headphone out every week, so it’s nice to see an established brand like Shure come up with pair of headphones that won’t break the bank. The new 144 and 145 are two over-the-head headphones that feature a collapsible design and a three button remote/mic. The 144 has […]

Oct 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Self-Destructing SecureDrives – My only fear of death is of the reaction of friends and family after they go through my computer. If you share the same paranoia, then rejoice because all that is unclean can be deleted as long as you have cellular service. The self-destructing SecureDrives have a speedy SSD that are self-encrypting, […]

Sep 30, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

GIF Keyboard – If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a GIF is worth a million. Thanks to the keyboard friendliness of the new iOS 8, the GIF Keyboard is a new way to start or respond to a text. The app lets you respond in iMessage with a a GIF thanks to […]

Sep 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme x Stone Island – What do skaters and soccer hooligans have in common? They can both be rocking the latest gear from premier Italian brand Stone Island. The New York skate boutique continues their laundry list of collaborations for the Fall 2014 season with a series of waterproof jackets and expensive athletic sweats with […]

Sep 26, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Polaroid Cube – Let’s face it. Polaroid is no longer a household name, and its popularity in photography is far removed. Whatever cache is left in the name is being pushed toward the new Cube. This coin-sized action camera is going up against the reigning champ, GoPro. The Cube records HD video in 720 and […]

Sep 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Saucony Jazz Sand/Red – Saucony has been late on the retro game, but recently they’ve been making up for lost time. The latest addition to the Luxury Pack is a sand and red wine colorway. The classic runner uses a red nubuck upper that is contrasted against a color-blocked sand toebox. The outsole completes the […]

Sep 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Menu Knot Trestle Desk – The desk is the command center, and having the right desk can mean the difference between productivity and dilly-dallying. The Menu Knot Trestle Desk is a beautiful workspace that can command and focus attention. It starts with a wide open wood tabletop that is simple and elegant. The table is […]

Sep 23, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Beartooth – If losing cellphone connection is a concern, then take a look at Beartooth. This new case offers a peer-to-peer software that uses radio frequency even when Wi-Fi or cellular service is unavailable. You can’t stream Netflix or Youtube, but it’ll be strong enough to send the occasional text and can make phone calls. […]

Sep 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme x Levi’s 2014 – After the stars motif and a leopard print, Supreme goes for a subtle black and white checker box pattern for the 2014 Levi’s collaboration. The Canadian tuxedo is back and Supreme elects the weathered look for the classic trucker jacket, vest, and a pair of 501s. If you think this […]

Sep 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

MUSA Holiday 2014 – MUSA has never really been on my radar, but they sure got my attention with their latest lookbook. For Holiday 2014, the politically-focused streetwear brand has Tianna G modeling their latest wares. The collection is built around the tried-and-true graphic T-shirts, but MUSA also has a good variety of cut-and-sew, athletic […]

Sep 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Rapha Reversible – For those who live an active lifestyle, the concept of versatility goes a long way. Apparel that can handle the stress of the outdoors while complimenting a pair of dark denim is hard to find, but Rapha seems to have an answer. This high-end cycling apparel company has created a reversible jacket […]

Sep 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Lil B Deck – While everyone is fiending for the Ray Pettibon deck with Supreme today. I got my sights set on this masterpiece between Create Skateboards and the Based God, Lil B. Just peep the majesty with the pink paisley background, and the eighties Bo Jackson-style sunglasses. Whether you plan on skating on the […]

Sep 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Vault by Cans Huichol – In the mountainous regions of Jalisco and Nayarit Mexico live the Huichol people. This Central American tribe is known for their intricate tapestry, and Vans’ Vault line takes this archaic art and incorporates it across the Classic Slip-on LX and Sk8-Hi LX. Handmade detailing by the Huichol is used across […]

Sep 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Canon G7 X – Everyone is playing catch up to Sony’s RX100 – the groundbreaking point-and-shoot with a DSLR sized sensor. Even camera giant Canon has their own variant in the newly announced GX 7. What I like about the GX 7 is that it looks like a beefier S110, which means it’ll be pocketable […]

Sep 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Common Projects for Dover Street Market – Common Projects is better known for sticking with their ways. For close to a decade, the footwear makers stuck to premium leather and a vulcanized sole, but when Dover Street Market comes calling, it becomes a different story. To help celebrate Dover Street Market’s 10 year anniversary, there […]

Sep 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Barracuta Leather G9 – Barracuta’s G9 is a legendary jacket that is about to get a luxurious update. This simple canvas windbreaker has been around for over half a century and will now be available in premium leather. Barracuta will use a distressed cowhide leather that has been expertly washed to give it a worn-in […]

Sep 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Fuji X-T1 – A little over five years ago Fuji said to hell with the rat race. Canon and Nikon were dominating the point-and-shoot market, and Fuji went to the drawing boards to satiate the enthusiast market. Instead of the rounded smooth design, Fuji went for retro-chic and the new X-T1 continues that fine tradition. […]

Sep 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

C.C. Filson – With 100 years of craftsmanship under its belt, Filson has been working with notably younger brands like Levi’s and Urban Outfitters. But an older brand like Nigel Cabourn is being added to the list of collaborators this season.  The English designer works with Filson to create a premium collection of outdoor cold […]

Sep 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

HBA x Forfex – Ever wondered what would happen if Timberland work boots met up with some Nike Huaraches and had a baby shoe? The result would be this abomination between HBA and Italian luxury footwear brand Forfex. These Timberaches mix high fashion with street corner style by adding Huarache cut outs to the workboot […]

Sep 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Monster Sound Stage Music System – Even without Dr. Dre around, Monster is still delivering some serious sound. The latest Sound Stage Music System takes a playbook from Sonos and makes a wireless home system a snap. By using your current home’s wireless network, the Sound Stage allows you to play music from any source […]

Sep 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mott Street Cycles Flash Pack Collection – Streetwear brands have identified and adopted the stealthy black, but for cycling enthusiasts, it’s important to be seen; the difference can mean life or death. Mott Street Cycles (MSC) is an authentic downtown New York outfit that celebrates cycling first, and their new Flash Pack is all about […]

Sep 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Dyson 360 Eye – Dyson is setting its sights on Roomba and plans on combining robotics with their world-class suction. Those who love to keep their carpet and floors clean will appreciate how Dyson’s first robotic model arrives with a novel 360-degree vision. This perspective allows the 360 Eye to elect reference points that it then […]

Sep 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Druthers Wear – Deep inside the Los Angeles warehouses are some of the biggest patterns and woven makers in the world. Druthers is tapping this market and making a collection of boxers and boxer briefs. This isn’t the regular run of Fruit of the Loom you find at Target or KMart. Druthers takes pride in […]

Sep 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Monocle Porcelain Set – If upgrading your life with finer things is a goal, then head straight over to Monocle. Besides giving sartorial advice, these guys are also always looking to upgrade your lifestyle. The latest is a white and blue three-piece set for serving appetizers in the home. Eat sushi with class and sophistication […]

Sep 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme x Vans – After seasons of classic Vans, Supreme steps out of its comfort zone and chooses the Native American as their latest collaborative silhouette. The skate shoes were first introduced in the late eighties and distinguished by its thick and durable rubber toe cap. The shoes have a gully look with its tonal […]

Aug 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Vargo Titanium Flask – Here’s something for those who take their boozing seriously. The Vargo titanium flask is perfect for those who like to save a few bucks when they get drunk. Besides using this fancy metal element, the Vargo also has a specially built silicon funnel that makes it nearly impossible to spill your […]

Aug 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Best Made Gfeller Document Case – Sure, a manila folder at your local CVS will work just as well. But, does is it do it with style like this document case from Best Made? The Gfeller document case is made with premium 8.5 russet skirting leather; it’s pretty beefy. The use of thick leather is […]

Aug 27, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

 Fuji X30 – Sony served up quite a point-and-shoot with the RX100 Mark III, and Fuji is responding with an updated X30. Using the familiar retro-inspired aesthetic, the X30 keeps much of the same design as the predecessor and upgrades the traditional viewfinder for an OLED electric one that offers a larger magnification. The camera […]

Aug 26, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

adidas Primeknit Pureboost – adidas’s Consortium division is the German sneaker giant’s answer to Nike’s elusive Quick Strike. The elite group of Consortium stores get some rare adidas sneakers, and the latest to find its way onto shelves is the Primeknit Pureboost. This runner is the cornerstone of adidas technology and combines the one-piece Primeknit […]

Aug 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Gustin Indigo Chambray Workshirt – Gustin has been making denim for close to a decade now, and as their line continues, the brand ventures into workwear. Gustin develops a new workshirt made from Japanese selvedge chambray with some really meticulous details. First off, they went for the extra soft feel without compromising weight. The 5.3oz […]

Aug 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Vans Chukka Zipper – Every try unlacing a pair of boots as you’re trying to catch a flight? It’s terrible, and I’m all for employing zippers into shoes. The latest Vans classic to use zippers is the Chukka. These beloved skate shoes have a mid-cut silhouette with a slim profile that can benefit from the […]

Aug 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Jack Spade Conway – The Conway has been in Jack Spade’s collection of accessories for a few seasons now, but for this season, the minimalist watch is being updated with a burst of color. Using the Mondrian color palate as inspiration, the hour hand is now blue, the minute hand red, and the second hand […]

Aug 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Born x Raised Fall/Winter 2014 – What do you know about Venice? This is where Venice-based Born x Raised goes to show off their new collection. This small SoCal brand continues to dive deep into the insular communities across Los Angeles for inspiration. The result is a collection of thoughtful graphic T-shirts, long-sleeve tees, athletic […]

Aug 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Tanner Goods Bag Collection – Tanner Goods has always been involved with leather crafting, but recently the Portland brand explored the virtues of canvas and crafted a beautiful collection of bags. For the upcoming season the collection grows with three new colors of non-waxed cotton canvas. Using sage, walnut, and burnt oak, the bags are […]

Aug 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme Fall/Winter 2014 – Supreme has slowly become the gold standard for streetwear, and as August lulls, fans were slowly anticipating the upcoming collection. The Fall and Winter collection is here, and it’s big. Lots and lots of everything; from 5-panel camp hats to heavyweight fleece, there is plenty to choose from. But this collection […]

Aug 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Nike Kobe 9 Mid EXT – After a high and low edition of Kobe Bryant’s ninth signature Nike sneaker, comes a new Mid cut version. Without playing in a single game, the Kobe 9 Mid EXT has easily become one of my favorite shoes. The execution for this Snakeskin model is top-notch; from the use […]

Aug 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Native Apollo Moc – The shape and construction of the moccasin has been around for about 30,000 years. The silhouette continues to evolve and this time, Native is at the helm. Using a special blend of microfiber, the Apollo Moc is a comfortable shoe that is slim, sleek, and simple. Native employs an animal free […]

Aug 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Reigning Champ Stretch Nylon Training Gear – There aren’t many that have mastered the art of fleece. Reigning Champ and their parent CYC in Canada is one of the lucky few, but this season the Vancouver-based brand set their sights on stretch nylon. The latest collection is less casual and more athletic as the company […]

Aug 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit – This bespoke suit by Garrison is something straight out of James Bond. Besides choosing all the fabrics and details like you would any custom suit, the Garrison suit happens to also be bulletproof. Using tiny carbon nanotubes weaved into the textile the suit can stop bullets, not to mention straight […]

Aug 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Blackmagic URSA – The arena for 4K content is starting to get crowded as Blackmagic unleashes their all new URSA. This 4K capable camera has a Super 35 sensor that borrows one trick from the competing digital video company RED. This new and powerful sensor is now upgradeable, and so is the URSA’s mount. The […]

Aug 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Outdoor Tech Kodiak – With the overwhelming battery packs to choose from, Outdoor Tech looks to set themselves apart by going rugged. The Kodiak can charge your smartphone in any condition with its thick rubberized durable housing. The 6000 mAH battery is certified to be shock resistant along with water resistance. If you got a […]

Aug 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

AKG Y45BT – The headphone market is chock full of choices, but if you’re looking for something with a futuristic look than check out the latest from AKG. These purveyors of studio quality sound has created a wireless headphone that is lightweight and powerful. The Y45BT come with 40mm drivers and promises 8 hours of […]

Aug 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

That’s Not Relevant – Tucson artist and rapper Isaiah Toothtaker sees emoji a little differently from you and I. Instead of just a caricature, Isaiah looks at emojis as a form of art. His new book That’s Not Relevant is 72 full color pages that use rap, tattoos, and pop-culture as inspiration for the unique […]

Aug 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Puma Avanti – The Puma King was a comfortable soccer boot that has been re-appropriated to become a best selling runner. Under the name the Puma Avanti, the shoes have won fans over with the fold-over tongue and the comfortable outsole. This latest edition has been dubbed the “24 Karat Gold” thanks to the fully […]

Aug 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Hall of Fame – For their fall and winter lookbook shot by Akira Ruiz, Fairfax’s Hall of Fame heads all the way to New York. Using the Big Apple as their backdrop, the brand continues to show off a strong collection of sports-inspired streetwear. The collection is filled with graphic T-shirts and snapbacks, but also […]