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Aug 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Vans Chukka Zipper – Every try unlacing a pair of boots as you’re trying to catch a flight? It’s terrible, and I’m all for employing zippers into shoes. The latest Vans classic to use zippers is the Chukka. These beloved skate shoes have a mid-cut silhouette with a slim profile that can benefit from the […]

Aug 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Jack Spade Conway – The Conway has been in Jack Spade’s collection of accessories for a few seasons now, but for this season, the minimalist watch is being updated with a burst of color. Using the Mondrian color palate as inspiration, the hour hand is now blue, the minute hand red, and the second hand […]

Aug 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Born x Raised Fall/Winter 2014 – What do you know about Venice? This is where Venice-based Born x Raised goes to show off their new collection. This small SoCal brand continues to dive deep into the insular communities across Los Angeles for inspiration. The result is a collection of thoughtful graphic T-shirts, long-sleeve tees, athletic […]

Aug 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Tanner Goods Bag Collection – Tanner Goods has always been involved with leather crafting, but recently the Portland brand explored the virtues of canvas and crafted a beautiful collection of bags. For the upcoming season the collection grows with three new colors of non-waxed cotton canvas. Using sage, walnut, and burnt oak, the bags are […]

Aug 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme Fall/Winter 2014 – Supreme has slowly become the gold standard for streetwear, and as August lulls, fans were slowly anticipating the upcoming collection. The Fall and Winter collection is here, and it’s big. Lots and lots of everything; from 5-panel camp hats to heavyweight fleece, there is plenty to choose from. But this collection […]

Aug 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Nike Kobe 9 Mid EXT – After a high and low edition of Kobe Bryant’s ninth signature Nike sneaker, comes a new Mid cut version. Without playing in a single game, the Kobe 9 Mid EXT has easily become one of my favorite shoes. The execution for this Snakeskin model is top-notch; from the use […]

Aug 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Native Apollo Moc – The shape and construction of the moccasin has been around for about 30,000 years. The silhouette continues to evolve and this time, Native is at the helm. Using a special blend of microfiber, the Apollo Moc is a comfortable shoe that is slim, sleek, and simple. Native employs an animal free […]

Aug 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Reigning Champ Stretch Nylon Training Gear – There aren’t many that have mastered the art of fleece. Reigning Champ and their parent CYC in Canada is one of the lucky few, but this season the Vancouver-based brand set their sights on stretch nylon. The latest collection is less casual and more athletic as the company […]

Aug 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit – This bespoke suit by Garrison is something straight out of James Bond. Besides choosing all the fabrics and details like you would any custom suit, the Garrison suit happens to also be bulletproof. Using tiny carbon nanotubes weaved into the textile the suit can stop bullets, not to mention straight […]

Aug 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Blackmagic URSA – The arena for 4K content is starting to get crowded as Blackmagic unleashes their all new URSA. This 4K capable camera has a Super 35 sensor that borrows one trick from the competing digital video company RED. This new and powerful sensor is now upgradeable, and so is the URSA’s mount. The […]

Aug 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Outdoor Tech Kodiak – With the overwhelming battery packs to choose from, Outdoor Tech looks to set themselves apart by going rugged. The Kodiak can charge your smartphone in any condition with its thick rubberized durable housing. The 6000 mAH battery is certified to be shock resistant along with water resistance. If you got a […]

Aug 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

AKG Y45BT – The headphone market is chock full of choices, but if you’re looking for something with a futuristic look than check out the latest from AKG. These purveyors of studio quality sound has created a wireless headphone that is lightweight and powerful. The Y45BT come with 40mm drivers and promises 8 hours of […]

Aug 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

That’s Not Relevant – Tucson artist and rapper Isaiah Toothtaker sees emoji a little differently from you and I. Instead of just a caricature, Isaiah looks at emojis as a form of art. His new book That’s Not Relevant is 72 full color pages that use rap, tattoos, and pop-culture as inspiration for the unique […]

Aug 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Puma Avanti – The Puma King was a comfortable soccer boot that has been re-appropriated to become a best selling runner. Under the name the Puma Avanti, the shoes have won fans over with the fold-over tongue and the comfortable outsole. This latest edition has been dubbed the “24 Karat Gold” thanks to the fully […]

Aug 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Hall of Fame – For their fall and winter lookbook shot by Akira Ruiz, Fairfax’s Hall of Fame heads all the way to New York. Using the Big Apple as their backdrop, the brand continues to show off a strong collection of sports-inspired streetwear. The collection is filled with graphic T-shirts and snapbacks, but also […]

Aug 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Peanuts x WTAPS – I don’t know what it is about this beagle, but Japanese brands go h.a.m. to team up with Snoopy. The latest collaborator is none other than WTAPS, as the Japanese label skips the military specifications for graphic T-shirts, and fleece crewnecks. It’s strange to see WTAPS shift from military inspired coats […]

Aug 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Z.A.P.S. Survival Grenade – If you watch AMC’s The Walking Dead or FX’s The Strain, then you know that we aren’t far off from a zombie or vampire apocalypse. During such trying times you got to get you hands on something like this. The Z.A.P.S. Survival Grenade isn’t a real grenade, but it was created by a real […]

Aug 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

J.Crew Broadmoor Collection – J.Crew’s upcoming collection for Fall is a lot more than just this jacket, but GOT DAMN is this a sweet looking piece. The jacket is made from Japanese Chambray and looks like something your pops would’ve worn every Sunday morning. The jacket is lightly quilted with some insulation, and is just […]

Aug 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Casio G-Shock G’Mix – With the bevy of smartwatches due out this year, Casio’s G-Shock was in a precarious position. Should they join the gang and jump on the smartwatch bandwagon, or do their own thing? G-Shock opted to do their own thing and this fall will see an all new G-Shock G’Mix GMA-400. This […]

Jul 31, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

EarPeace – With music festival season coming around it’s time to invest on something to save your ears. The loud blaring music at any concert is welcoming to some, and frightening for others. Traditional earplugs have usually been the answer, but along with tuning down the noise they muffle the music. EarPeace is here to […]

Jul 30, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Miansai M24 Watch – Miansai has been making bracelets for a few seasons now and even had a couple exclusives with J.Crew, but it’s time to move on. The Japanese company continues to focus on the wrist with the new M24, an attractive minimalist timepiece. The watch is so minimal that it goes and skips […]

Jul 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Hot Toys Back to the Future - Sideshow Collectibles can have its Marvel busts, and Medicom can stick with their Star War Real Action Heroes (RAH). All I really want after San Diego’s Comic Con are these Back to the Future (BTTF) collectibles from Hot Toys. These toymakers from Hong Kong are meticulous when it comes […]

Jul 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Ducere Smart Shoes – With Google packing tiny computers into glasses, it’s time the sneaker world shakes things up with some innovative products of their own. These bright red kicks from India-based Ducere come with some wearable technology that can literally knock your socks off. The shoes come have patent pending insoles that send you […]

Jul 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mass Appeal x El Señor x Earsnot Jersey Barrier Pendant – Besides being a print and online presence, Mass Appeal finds the time to dip into specialty projects. The most recent is with El Señor and famed New York City graffiti vandal Earsnot for a wearable homage to the spontaneity and skills of skateboarding and […]

Jul 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

DENON X5200W – If you got a 4K LCD on your Amazon wish list, then you might as well throw this puppy dog on there, too. The DENON X5200W is the sort of technology you find in movie theater sound systems. At the core of this new flagship receiver is Dolby Atmos a 9.2 channel […]

Jul 23, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

NVIDIA Shield Tablet – Besides making bad ass video cards for your PC NVIDIA is also getting into the hardware market with the release of their Shield Tablet. You can play games on your iPad and Galaxy Tab, but the Shield is a different beast that takes the graphics to another level. The 8-inch tablet […]

Jul 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

No. 288 – This little sneaker outfit out of New York creates simple classics in the vein of Common Projects and ETQ of Amsterdam. The focus is on clean aesthetics with emphasis on premium materials. Starting this Fall No. 288 offer a collection of retro tennis sneakers that use high-end leather or suede uppers, leather lined […]

Jul 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

The Pocket Jacket – Before you is a reproduction of a favorite jacket of Lance Corporal Jack White, a recipient of England’s highest honor, the Victoria Cross. Jack White was known for being a bit of a bad ass and while Cool Hunting was looking for gear during their Zambian Adventure, the guys at Private […]

Jul 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Jibo – With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, it seems like the robot assistant can finally become a reality. Jibo aims to be that electronic family companion The Jetsons told you about. The 11 inch tall robot has an HD LCD touchscreen for it’s face and a smooth aluminum body. It moves with its […]

Jul 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Outlier Vented Double Hood – Outlier is consistent when it comes to adding technical upgrades to everyday goods. From throwing 4-Way stretch to button-downs to lightweight waterproof blazers, this little outfit from New York is always pushing the envelope. The latest venture isn’t just an update, but a re-imagined hoody. What we have here is […]

Jul 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Y-3 Yohji Boost – After nearly a decade of working with adidas, fashion-forward and acclaimed designer Yohji Yamamoto’s rendition of sneakers is always a welcome sight. The dude was the one of the first to come up with applying runway notes to everyday sneakers. The latest Yohji Boost carries some of this rich tradition. The sneaker […]

Jul 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Vapshot – A wine fridge is so passé, and forget about the kegerator, It’s all about using the Vapshot to drink your booze. This machine went through one round of crowd-funding and found a ton of fans. People seem to like that the Vapshot takes alcohol and vaporizes it for you to inhale with a straw. […]

Jul 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Best Made Seamless & Steadfast Tumblers – Enamel tumblers are a thing of the past; back when people cared about quality. It’s easier, and cheaper, to fabricate a glass tumbler than an enamel one, but glass can crack while enamel can carry you through decades. The folks at Best Made are heavily concerned with quality, […]

Jul 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Jason Tilley for Octovo – Surfing can exist beyond the California coast. The cold waters of the Pacific Northwest isn’t enough to stop enthusiasts, and Jason Tilley is an artisan that uses Oregon cedar to handshape his beautiful surfboards. These gorgeous boards are specially made to take on the frigid icy waters and Octovo recently […]

Jul 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Dom Vetro for Club Monaco – Following on the heels of J.Crew’s In Good Company project is Club Monaco with their Makers and Muses. This is Club Monaco’s opportunity to work with smaller and more exclusive labels. The latest partnership is with Dom Vetro, a small Italian sunglasses maker from the isolated town of Cadore. […]

Jul 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Topo Designs x Saloman – Topo Design’s knack for color and durability has attracted the attention of Saloman. The two brands will create a special edition of the Topo Backpack and pair it with a custom edition of the Saloman Instinct Pro shoe. Both pieces are meant for the rugged outdoors with both shoe and […]

Jul 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

J.Crew x Vans – After a successful run of Era skate shoes, J.Crew is hitting Vans up again for another project. This time the focus is on the classic Sk8-Hi. This collaborative version features athletic fleece as the uppers, and is matched with thick hiking boot laces. Look for the collaboration to yield a tonal […]

Jul 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Harbor Metal – Anything that goes up 40,000 feet in the air is meant to last a lifetime on the ground. These storage cards from Harbor Metal aren’t just stylish, they’re also made to the exact custom specifications of the airlines. With their aviation-grade housing these bar carts can take a beating, and then some. […]

Jul 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Black Scale x Diamond for PacSun – Has Pacific Sunwear (excuse me, PacSun) all of a sudden become cool? After exclusives with both Diamond and Been Trill, the nationwide active surf retailer has nabbed an exclusive collaboration between Black Scale and Diamond Supply Company. The project features a series of co-branded graphic T-shirts and long […]

Jul 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Swash Express Clothing Care System – The fastest way to kill your clothes is frequent washing and drying. Dry cleaning helps, but at a much higher cost. Swash Express sets up something that is right in the middle. It’s a system that handles denim, wool, polyester, cashmere, and cotton without piling or fading the garment. Hang […]

Jul 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

5OWLS Solo Shelter – If your idea of fun is the great outdoors and you find that your friends do not feel the same way, then the Solo Shelter is calling your name. This little tent from 5OWLS is made for those that will be “Forever Alone.” Built using premium materials like 30D polyester ripstop nylon, […]

Jul 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mission Workshop Orion Limited Edition – High praise has already been sung for the Orion jacket from Mission Workshop. This little shop from San Francisco jammed the latest technical textiles to keep the jacket 100% waterproof with its 96 g/m2 Polartec® NeoShell® fabric. The highly breathable material is also lightweight, and makes the jacket incredibly […]

Jul 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

BTNC Summer Release – Over a few years ago, transient Kelly Thomas was brutally beaten to death by two Fullerton Police department officers. After a long and drawn out trial, the two officers were found not guilty. This terrible event has gotten Fullerton’s finest streetwear store, Beatnic, to deliver a summer collection that includes a […]

Jul 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

retaW PEELS- retaW has made sweet-smelling scents for a few seasons now, but this time they want to get man’s best friend to smell great. PEELS is the brainchild of Hiroshi Fujiwara and it is all about finding the best grooming products for your dog. The collection will kick off with a conditioning shampoo that […]

Jul 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Alden x Leffot – Unless you’re related to royalty or use vacation as a word, you’ll probably never wear white dress shoes. But, if you ever did need something for a White Party in the Hamptons, this beautiful pair Alden made for Leffot should be on your radar. Alden’s rich tradition for men’s footwear arrives […]

Jun 30, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Handgrey Quick Release Titanium Carabiners – Besides being a reliable keychain, the carabiner can be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, they all pretty much look the same. Handgrey is looking to flip the carabiner game on its ear with their new, and surprisingly simple design. After 100 prototypes, designer Thanasit Inkavesvaanit settled on an elegant industrial form with […]

Jun 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Gitman Bros. for Need Supply – Need Supply’s Go Explore series is all about finding clothes for the jetsetter. This small collection of travel clothes recently teamed up with Gitman Bros. to bring forth a summer essential. With humidity in Asia floating around 90% in the summer the must have shirting textile is linen. Gitman […]

Jun 27, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Benny Gold x Jansport -After a successful project last season JanSport partners up again with San Francisco -based Benny Gold for Fall 2014. The two brands gear up for the start of the school year with an update to the SuperBreak backpack. Benny Gold will be contributing three exclusive prints. Look for paisley, an all-over […]

Jun 26, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Re-Process and Instant Strap – Hard-Graft has a knack for fine accessories, and recently offered up two new camera strap options for their continuously growing collection. First-up is the re-process strap that works with any camera. The versatile strap is made from Hard-Graft’s signature vegetable-tanned leather and combined with a durable felt. The length makes […]

Jun 25, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Rapha Kings of Pain – The Kings of Pain series is a tough challenge for amateur and professional cyclists alike. Rapha honors the participants of the two-wheel challenge with a collection of all-black pieces. The centerpiece is the classic jersey made from a breathable Sportwool with adjustable hem, cargo pockets, fastened fold-up collar, and tonal […]

Jun 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Blackbird Triton – Seattle is lined with plenty of nice men’s stores, but Blackbird is what started it all. After closing their retail doors last July, the shop has decided to focus on the wholesale of their best selling products. One of the newest to be part of the Blackbird library of nice-smelling goods is […]

Jun 23, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

RISE x FILA - With the litany of retros that come out every week, the one brand that has been largely ignored is FILA. So it’s nice to see FILA partnering up with one of Long Island’s RISE, one of New York’s newest sneaker boutiques. The union takes on the classic silhouette of the The Cage, […]

Jun 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

DJ Paul Van Dyk x TOMS – Toms penchant for philanthropy has caught the eye of legendary disc jockey Paul van Dyk. The two will work together to create a limited edition Galaxy Collection. The special pattern created for this project features Paul van Dyk’s “PVD” against a cosmic background. This all-over print will be […]

Jun 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Epaulet ELPA Crewneck - With warm weather year round, folks in SoCal don’t know much about heavy jackets, but everyone can appreciate a nice sweatshirt. Epaulet in Los Angeles has come up with a crewneck that is good all the time. The sweatshirt starts off with a medium-weight French Terry yarn that has an interior lined […]

Jun 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

CLSC x MLTD - Los Angeles-based label CLSC has been making some big moves this season with the latest being with online retail giant Moose Limited (MLTD). To usher in the summer season, CLSC has created an exclusive baseball jersey for MLTD. The jersey is made with a dark navy mesh and features “CLSC” in a contrasting red […]

Jun 18, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Kirin Slushie Machine – I like beer and I like slushies, but really not sure where Kirin is doing by putting it together. But fret not, the contraption doesn’t make some wierd hybrid beer slushie. The Kirin Slushie Machine ensures that you get the coldest and frostiest beer humanely possible by freezing ordinary beer. When […]

Jun 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Best Made Chambray Work Shirt – The chambray shirt is the one button-down that can do it all; as durable as denim, but soft as cotton. Best Made of New York takes on this effortless essential by starting with a thick and durable 5.3 oz cotton and throws in a bit of the work wear […]

Jun 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Fellow Barber Grooming Products – What began as a barber shop around the corner has become a purveyor of fine grooming products. Fellow Barber had its humble beginnings in Brooklyn and started with a small line of store exclusives for their loyal customers. The products have been very well received and Fellow Barber launches seven […]

Jun 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Orlebar Brown x Sperry Top-Sider – With summer just days away it’s time to start thinking about what to wear with your shorts. Here’s a suggestion from Sperry Top-Sider and swimwear aficionado Orlebar Brown. The two team up for a pair of slip-ons that use one of Orlebar Brown’s more popular prints. The Konig print […]

Jun 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Beats by Dre Samurai – The future of Beats is looking pretty bright after their acquisition by Apple, and first on the agenda is international business. A special Samurai Edition of the Studio 2 takes on the rich heritage of Japan and incorporates it across the premium set of headphones. The Studio V2 is embodied […]

Jun 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Jack Spade for United Arrows – With its simple style and durable construction, Jack Spade has not only come out of Kate Spade’s shadow, but is now going to collaborate with one of Japan’s largest retail chains. United Arrows is tapping the New York based men’s accessories maker for a small collection that is set […]

Jun 11, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Outlier Free Way Shorts – Outlier takes all those fancy materials they have for their button-downs and creates the Free Way shorts. With the summer heat beating down, the Free Way shorts are a versatile option that comes with a comfortable four-way stretch, gusseted crotch, and NanoSphere for dirt and moisture resistance. The Free Way […]

Jun 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

David Beckham for Belstaff – He may have a funny voice, but David Beckham is still the swag lord. Besides Michael Jordan, there isn’t another athlete that created as many trends as the footballer. Who was the first to roll down Rodeo Drive in a Bentley Continental GT sporting fully tatted sleeves? Now, Beckham is […]

Jun 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

VANMOOF T Series – The trick with living in a modern metropolis is finding the space to stash your junk. With limited square footage the T Series from VANMOOF seems like a good idea for urban dwellers. The T Series is a smaller version of the Dutch company’s successful minimalist bike. The bike has a […]

Jun 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

J.Crew x Wallace & Barnes – I feel bad for those who have to wear a suit everyday, but if a suit is absolutely necessary in this summer heatm then give the latest J.Crew collaboration a try. J.Crew teams up with Wallace & Barnes for a suit and shorts combo that is ideal for the […]

Jun 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Sony Smartband - Tracking activities with your phones is nothing new, and Sony was one of the first to develop Smartwatches for the Android OS. But this round has the Japanese brand focusing on something simpler and more subtle. Instead of creating another smartwatch, the new Smartband is an activity tracker that can also measures social […]

Jun 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Best Made Strongbox – The older you get the more crap you have. Cutting down is near impossible, and the best alternative may be to organize your collection of junk. When it comes to keeping things safe and secure, a nice sturdy box is ideal, and Best Made has just the thing. These strongboxes are […]

Jun 4, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Converse Jarajara All-Star – The classic Chuck Taylor has been available in an array of colors and prints, but this latest Jarajara pack is a complete transformation. In Japan “jarajara” is a euphemism for chains and coins; a derivative of the sound metal makes when they clink together. The Jarajara collection begins with the Chuck […]

Jun 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

HP SlateBook Android PC – There are more teens familiar with iOS and Android than they are with OS X and Windows. Smartphones account for more leisure time than the PC does, and HP seems to think that a PC that operates off of the more familiar Android makes sense. Think of the new HP […]

Jun 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Haute Dogs – You can have the best rib-eye on the grill and giant tiger prawns on skewers, but a barbecue isn’t complete without an All-American hot dog. Haute Dogs is a new book by chef Russell Van Kraayenburg that explores the various ways to dress up this summer classic. The cookbook holds over 100 […]

May 31, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Almond Surfboards x Gray Malin – It’s sacrilege to hang up a surfboard as a piece of art. All that time it took to shape that fiber glass deserves a couple of waves, but then you lay your eyes upon the work of Gray Malin and you’ll understand. Almond Surfboards has enlisted the help of […]

May 30, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Marathon Diver Quartz Medium – A lot of watchmakers have a diver in their line-up, but not many can say they make watches used by the US and Canadian Search and Rescue teams. Marathon and their divers are known to be rugged tool watches that can withstand any sort of abuse. The latest is smaller […]

May 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

EDC Kit – Every Day Carry (EDC) can become quite cumbersome when you factor in all the things you need in case of a zombie apocalypse. Kaufman Mercantile is looking to bring it all together with their new leather case. The case based on a vintage key wallet and made from premium vegetable-tanned leather. The […]

May 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Baxter of California x DSPTCH –  Whenever Calvin Klein offers a duffel or backpack with fragrance purchase you know the bag is going to turn out to be crap. You’re better off doubling up on some plastic Target bags. Baxter of California is moving away from this stereotype with their new travel-sized grooming essentials. Instead […]

May 27, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Lexdray – Travel season is here and Lexdray has a bag for any adventure. Their new Summer collection is inspired by the California coastline and is flanked by reissues of the Tokyo Pack, Boulder Pack, and Shanghai Tote. Lexdray is known for their quality materials and these trio of bags are ready for anything. The […]

May 26, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Star Wars x Medicom – Bearbricks can be some of the most uninspiring and lazy collaborations. Take a blank boxy bear, use some sweeping generalization from the partnering brand, and repeat. This Stormtrooper is definitely not one of those. Medicom is no stranger to the Star Wars universe, and the Stormtrooper Bearbrick was originally released […]

May 24, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Six Pack Beast Duffle – Six Pack’s beast duffle is the epitome of the bag for the gym rat. It makes all other duffles fall on the wayside with its specific compartments for the dedicated workout junkie. There is a specific side compartment that houses 6 meal trays, and the opposing pocket is large enough […]

May 23, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Transcend Jetdrive Lite – One of the biggest complaints coming from Apple fans is the lack of storage space. There’s nothing you can do with the iPad and iPhone, but there is an option for MacBook owners. The SD slot is there for you to add some space, and Transcend has created a card that […]

May 22, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

hanon x Diadora – Unless you play soccer Diadora is probably not on your radar. It should be. This Italian sportswear company has some deep roots and they’re coming strong this Summer with an hanon shop exclusive. The sleek N.9000 first arrived in 1990 and the minimal runner returns in a special “Saturday Special” colorway. […]

May 21, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Pitt Cue Co. The Cookbook – Barbecue is a tradition best associated with the Kansas City, Memphis, and Houston. Definitely not Carnaby, and that’s not Carnaby in California, but Carnaby as in London. Smoking hog and braising beef is Pitt Cue Co.’s speciality and they’re sharing their secrets in an all new cookbook. The list […]

May 20, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

3Sixteen SL-101X – The sweltering summer heat is coming, and fans of artisan denim may be regretting those heavy 19 oz jeans. 3Sixteen has a solution for the seasonal shift with the SL-101X. These pair of jeans are made from a lightweight 12oz indigo selvedge from the Kuroki Mills in OKayama, Japan. The jeans are […]

May 19, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

The Beer Foamer – Beer drinkers will know about the love and hate relationship with foam. Too much means you get less beer, and not enough results in flavorless suds; it’s a fine line that has beer drinkers constantly asking, “What do you have on tap?” Thankfully you don’t need a draft to get good […]

May 17, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Firmament Berlin Spring 2014 – When Errolson Hugh isn’t busy with his Acronym brand he rests his head at Frimament in Berlin. The boutique is known for carefully selecting from elite brands around the world, and have one of their own. For Spring 2014 the Firmament keeps it simple with a collection of T-shirts that […]

May 16, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Saturdays x Gordie – Summer is around the corner and Saturdays in New York is making sure the right gear is ready for the pool parties and BBQs. The New York-based boutique and brand has enlisted the help of Creative Director Gordie Harrison Hull on a collection that comprises of shirts, button-downs, boardshorts, hats, and […]

May 15, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Road Shower – As an occasional weekend warrior I know that getting back to civilization is the first thing on my mind after a race. Getting back to the real world begins with the shower, and Road Shower is a convenient way to get clean. The 5 gallon shower system attaches to your car’s ski […]

May 14, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Nomad Desktop CNC Mill – A 3D printer is cool, but you know what is cooler? Your own computer numeric control (CNC) mill – a machine that can mill nearly anyhing out of raw materials. Most CNC machines are housed in large warehouses, but Nomad has designed somthing tha can fit on your desktop. A […]

May 13, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

LG LifeBand + Heart Rate Earphones – Samsung and Nike may have been the first to market with their line of biometric goods, but LG isn’t far behind with offerings of their own. The LG LifeBand resembles a close cousin of Nike’s Fuelband, however it does much more. The LifeBand is activated with a twist […]

May 12, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Supreme x Vans - Supreme and Vans have a storied history with each season yielding more and more collaborations. This season saw one from Playboy and COMME des GARçONS SHIRT, but just like a television infomercial – “There’s more.” Releasing this Thursday are two new silhouettes. The classic Chukka and the Era come with a elaborate […]

May 10, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm F/0.95 – If you got a Sony A7, then you owe it to yourself to grab this lens. The Mitakon Speedmaster has a ridiculously low f stop. With a maximum aperture of f/0.95 it chews up light like a black hole. Leave the flash at home, and feel free to drop down […]

May 9, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

A Bathing Ape Bape Soccer Collection – Hundreds of thousands are ascending on Brazil to cheer for their country in the World Cup, and you can bet there are streetwear fans among them. A Bathing Ape (BAPE) unveils their “Bape Soccer” collection that begins with a zip-up track jacket, and moves onto an expansive collection […]

May 8, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Oakley Carbon Blade -Oakley is no stranger to innovation, and deep inside their SoCal labs they are constantly finding composite material to make their sunglasses lighter and stronger. The Blade arrives with a lightweight frame made from hand-laid carbon fiber and titanium-forged hinges. These sort of details keep the Blade light and nearly indestructible. The […]

May 7, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Context x Schott – Tucked in the capital of Wisconsin is a little menswear store by the name of Context. In the land of milk and cheese not many care about artisan denim or premium leather, but Context has crafted a following with their selection of brands. Recently Context got in touch with Schott to […]

May 6, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Stussy x TEMBEA – Stussy looks for quality as they develop a pair of bags with the help of Japanese accessories brand TEMBEA. The approach that TEMBEA takes is minimalist with fine details in the construction. The bags are made with heavy duty paraffin wax-coated canvas to ensure they are waterproof and durable. The bag […]

May 5, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Tanner Goods Bike Bags – A lot more people are taking the ultimate green approach to commuting by hopping on a bike. Getting exercise and saving gasoline is a great feeling, but soon comes the realization that not having a car means lacking that extra space for your crap. A good bike bag is essential […]

May 3, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Reebok Classic Blacktop Basketball – Finding time for balling on hardwood is tough. Unless you have a membership at a spectacular gym, or keys to the local Y, you were relegated to asphalt. Reebok created the Blacktop series to take on street ball with thick rubber outsoles that were more durable. The silhouette of the […]

May 2, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven – Who can resist a piping hot pizza? Certainly not one handmade in Michigan by Artisan Fire. The Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven churns out Neapolitan-style pies in mere minutes. The oven has adjustable top and bottom gas burners to make sure the pizza crust is crisp and char, and the cheese […]

May 1, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Sneaker Freaker 30 – The man hasn’t stepped on the hardwood in a jersey in over 10 years, but sells more shoes than any active player today. Michael Jordan came out of North Carolina and set Nike ablaze and after a few decades Sneaker Freaker examines how Jordan mania is stronger now than it ever […]

Apr 30, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Unityware – Clark Street Mercantile is a little store in Quebec that peddle things that are built to last. They recently embarked on creating their own collection of enamel cups that are ready to stand the test of time. Unityware is a joint partnership with Norquay Co. and handmade in Portland. The cups are made […]

Apr 29, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

Raised by Wolves Spring/Summer 2014 – It’s pretty easy to integrate wolves into your brand when its called Raised by Wolves (check out Chris Danforth’s post about them in our blog). The Canadian streetwear label is back at it for Spring and Summer 2014 and offers more than the regular staples. Alongside the requisite graphic […]

Apr 28, 2014


By: Peter Yeh

John Mayer x NEIGHBORHOOD – Besides being a talented crooner John Mayer collects Swiss watches and is up on Japanese fashion designers. For over 10 years John Mayer has been seen in everything form visvim to Supreme, and now NEIGHBORHOOD is teaming up for a small capsule collection. The collection begins with a range of […]